A Day in the Working Mama Life: Operating Room Edition

Thursday, June 7, 2018

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"A day in the life" posts are my very favorite to read and a few weeks ago Christina posted one outlining her crazy work/mom life balance and I decided to copy her! I get so many messages asking how I balance work and home life so I thought it may be interesting to see what a typical working day looks like for me. I am so very blessed that I only work 3 days a week (plus weekends when I am on call) and do not have to travel. However, days that I am in the operating room can be loooong. Typically I am in the clinic seeing patients two days a week and in the operating room one day a week but it varies based on the caseload of surgeries and which surgeons need help.

Thursday, May 31st

5:40am: Alarm goes off. Hop out of bed and straight to the coffee maker. I usually have 2 cups a morning but on OR days I only have 1 so that I don't have to pee in the middle of surgery. Weird but true! Throw on my scrubs and put on a little bit of makeup.

6:00am: Vivi wakes up and starts talking. I pack her diaper bag for the day then run upstairs and get her up.

6:15am: Make Vivi breakfast... today it's oatmeal, raspberries and blueberries. Make myself some eggs and scarf them down.

6:30am: Garrett gets home from the gym. After a quick goodbye kiss, I'm out the door and he's on baby duty. [He manages to shower and get himself ready while she pulls everything out of every drawer and cabinet in our bathroom. On Thursdays my mom picks her up at 7:15am and Garrett leaves for work].

6:50am: Arrive at the hospital. Park and walk straight to the locker rooms to change scrubs and store my bag.

7:10am: Head into the surgeon's lounge to look over the cases for the day, talk to the surgeons, etc. 

7:30am: Into the operating room to get everything ready, wait for the patient to be wheeled back, then start prepping them once anesthesia puts them to sleep. First case of the day is a total knee replacement.

8:10am: The patient is asleep, the surgeon is in the room, we scrub then start the case.

9:50am: Surgery over, everything went smoothly! Back to the surgeon's lounge to write an operative note. Text my mom to check on Vivi, grab a granola bar, and bathroom break.

10:35am: Back to the operating room for case #2. A total hip replacement.

12:30pm: Case is over. Write a quick note then run to the hospital cafeteria to grab something for lunch. Make a salad at the salad bar and sit in a corner by myself so I can catch up on social media, check in on Vivi, check my email, etc.

1:00pm: Back to the operating room for case #3. A hamstring repair. Not a super common case so it was really interesting and exciting.

3:45pm: Case is over. Everything went well and I learned a lot! To the surgeon's lounge to write a note then to "the floor" (where all our orthopedic post-op patients stay while in the hospital) to make rounds and discharge a few people. Also chug a mini Diet Coke because I'm dragging.

4:30pm: Back to the operating room for our last case of the day. ORIF (open reduction, internal fixation) of an ankle. A guy fell off a ladder and crushed his ankle.

6:15pm: Case is over and went well. Write a note then to the locker room to change scrubs. Call Garrett and thankfully he got done around 4:45pm today and picked Vivi up from my mom's house. Race to my car like a mad woman to get home and see my baby before she goes to bed.

6:35pm: Finally home! So many hugs and kisses when I walk in the door and I feel like it's been weeks since I've seen my baby. She has had dinner and a bath already thanks to her amazing daddy. We go upstairs and play in her playroom for a few minutes before bedtime.

7:00pm: Read a few books then rock Vivi to sleep. I have to make myself put her in her crib. I missed her SO much today and only saw her for an hour total. So much mom guilt.

7:30pm: Garrett already ate dinner but he saved me a plate. Pork tenderloin, sweet potato and broccoli. Eat my dinner and catch up with him about our days.

8:00pm: Clean the kitchen, start a load of laundry, pick up the house, then jump in the shower.

9:15pm: Finally in bed. I'm exhausted and my feet hurt. Read a few blogs and turn on a Dateline that we have DVR'ed. I last for about 15 minutes of it. Garrett usually stays up later than me watching tv or working on his laptop. 

I frequently get asked what exactly I do in the operating room. As a PA I do everything from prepping the patient (getting them transferred from the bed to the operating room table, getting them positioned properly depending on what the surgery is, doing a sterile prep with cleaning solution), draping the field in a sterile fashion, holding retractors during surgery, sawing, drilling, using the mallet to hammer, suturing the patient closed, etc.

This is what a typical day in the operating room looks like. Some days are longer and some days are shorter just depending on how many cases we have and what they are. We are so fortunate that we have family keeping Vivi so it isn't a huge deal on days that we both work late. It also helps knowing that I don't have to work on Fridays, otherwise I would feel so burnt out after long days like this. Any questions about working as a PA or in orthopedics? Shoot me an email!


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  1. You are a rockstar mama and doctor!! Proud to call you my friend!!

  2. Love a day in the life post! Love seeing how mamas fit at all in! I work three days a week too and those days are hard, but it makes me appreciate the ones we have together so so so much more! Vivi is lucky to have you as her mama!!

  3. Loveee this post!! That's awesome that you get to work part-time- I'm sure these longer days are rough but you still get that good balance of career and momma time!

    xo, Kristina

  4. I love hearing about your day. My hubby is a NP in a Gastro office so I love seeing difference in each office. He wants so bad to go to Ortho with his exercise science background but the on call is holding him back!

  5. This is so fascinating!! The medical world is so interesting and honestly, I'm not sure how y'all can sit there and do these intense surgeries then go eat food lol!! So nice it's only 3 days a week even though they can be very long. Have so much fun in the Keys!

  6. oh this is fascinating! i love hearing about all the stuff you get into with your job since it's definitely way more interesting than my desk job haha. love your new shoes comment ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Love these posts!! I always love seeing how other moms juggle it. Sounds like you have a great schedule of working and being at home with Vivi, and so nice your husband has some flexibility to help too.

  8. I love these types of post! As a RN, it's interesting to see what other healthcare professionals days look like. I can also relate on that mom guilt! I switched to part time when I had my 3rd but still feel so much disappointment whenever I get home too late to see my babies!

  9. You AMAZE me!! I always love seeing what a "day in the life" of others looks like. You should be so proud of yourself- you are such an awesome wife & mommy!!

  10. I loved reading about your day! I hope you are having an amazing trip!

  11. Loved reading about your day!! Such a busy mama and you handle it so well!!

  12. Girl you rock!! I can't believe how many cases you had that day, but I do love that your commute home isn't too long!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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