All things pumpkin

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm getting all basic over here on Davis Duo today. Talking about everything pumpkin… do I have your attention yet?! If you are like me, when the weather starts to get cool I want pumpkin everything… coffee, candles, dessert, you name it. These are the recipes that are on my "to cook" list in the next few weeks:

Pumpkin roll
My husband and I have been talking about making one of these for weeks. This is the first thing I'll be making when I can find the free time.

Pumpkin rice krispie treats
Saw this recipe on my girl Lisa's blog yesterday and immediately knew I'd be making it soon. Simple and delicious… yes please

Pumpkin granola
I have granola in my yogurt almost every day. How festive and yummy would pumpkin granola be?! Such a nice change from my usual granola

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls
You had me at "cinnamon rolls". Add some pumpkin to the mix and you've just made them even better.

Pumpkin oatmeal creme pies
I was OBSESSED with the Little Debbie oatmeal pies growing up. These are Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies on steroids. Yes please.

Are you a pumpkin lover? What pumpkin recipes are you making this Fall? Do share!

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Weekending: tailgating and nasty weather

Monday, September 28, 2015

This weekend was filled with work AND fun. Friday I worked until 6 then sped home to get ready and head to a big party/auction for the Boys & Girls Club. The band was aaaamazing, the drinks were flowing, and my feet were killing me from dancing so much! There was a photo booth and we got a little carried away. I was dying laughing at how ridiculous we looked. It was a much needed night of fun with husband and my family.

Saturday morning I slept until 8am and it was glorious. Enjoyed my coffee on the couch and a pumpkin waffle made by my sweet hubs. Then we headed to tailgate for the ECU game. It was so nasty outside, we decided not to even go in the game. The one positive of the gross weather was getting to wear my adorable Hunter rainboots that I hardly ever wear! After tailgating we headed to my best friend's house to watch the game. She was in town from Charlotte it was so great to see her and my other best friends!

We got home and I fell asleep on the couch at 7pm. Yep… pure exhaustion. I didn't even eat dinner, and that's saying something because

Sunday morning it was back to work for a 13 hour shift. I was so sad to not be on the couch watching NFL football with hubs but that's life PA school. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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FoF: new booties and a trip to the fair

Friday, September 25, 2015

[O N E]
I finished my 2nd week in inpatient internal medicine. 7 days straight of 12 hour shifts is rough. I have to work all day today and Sunday but I get tomorrow off, praise! My best friend is coming to town from Charlotte for the ECU football game tomorrow so my group of best friends is getting together for a huge tailgate! I cannot wait! #givemeadrinkorten

[T W O]
I got these Chinese Laundry booties last week and I'm slightly obsessed. These will be on major repeat this Fall/Winter!

[T H R E E]
My family was feeling extra brave Tuesday night so we headed to our county fair. It's funny thinking back to when I used to come every year as a kid. It seemed SO much bigger back then! But it was still super fun watching my niece ride all the small rides and see all the animals. And of course we had a funnel cake and fried Oreos because why not??
her first ferris wheel ride… too excited to look at the camera! also, looking like a wet dog thanks to the rain

[F O U R]
One of my favorite dips to make as an appetizer is black bean & raspberry salsa dip. It sounds weird, I know, but it is amazing! What you need:

-1 can black beans, drained
-8 oz. cream cheese, cut thin
-1 jar Robert Rothschild Raspberry Salsa
-8 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese, grated

In a casserole dish, layer ingredients as listed above starting with black beans. Bake on 325 degrees for 20-30 minutes until bubbly. Serve with tortilla chips.

[F I V E]
Congratulations to Annie @ Home of Malones for winning my Headbands of Hope giveaway! Thanks to everyone for entering. Be on the lookout for another giveaway in the very near future!!

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Fall bucket list

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Even though the temps are still blistering hot in NC, I am dreaming of cooler weather and all things Fall. My mom always tells me "not to wish my life away", but I will be so happy to enjoy my favorite season next year sans PA school. Though I still have a lot of studying to do in the next 3 months, I am planning to enjoy this season as much as possible! Here's what's on my "Fall 2015 bucket list":

-Pass emergency medicine end-of-rotation exam: done
-Finish my CV [medical resume]: done
-Start applying for jobs
-Beach weekend with husband's family
-Pass internal medicine end-of-rotation exam
-Enjoy Halloween with my niece and nephew
-Weekend in our college town [Chapel Hill] with old friends
-Go to a pumpkin patch
-Make spiced apple cider champagne cocktails
-Carve pumpkins
-Clean out all the closets in our house
-Tailgate/attend football games
-Plant mums/decorate front porch for Fall
-Celebrate my niece's 3rd birthday
-Trip to NYC

What's on your Fall bucket list?

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Weekending at the hospital

Monday, September 21, 2015

I don't have much to report about my weekend unfortunately. I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital on Saturday AND Sunday… bleh. And my next day off isn't until Saturday. Thats 7 straight days of [unpaid] work, woof. Enough complaining, I technically signed up for this when I began PA school, right? I thought I'd give you guys a glimpse into a normal on-call day during my inpatient internal medicine rotation.

Before I began this rotation I was unsure of what it would entail. It's basically caring for people that are hospitalized due to chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chest pain (we always rule out heart attacks before sending them home), complications with diabetes, etc.

5:10am alam goes off… ughhh. Get ready, eat oatmeal, pack a snack

6:10 leave the house and head to the hospital

6:40am report in the physician's lounge for "check out". This is when the residents that were on night shift let us know if anything changed with our patients over night. We hope there is nothing to report because no news is good news, right?

7:10am Log on to the hospital computers and check on all my patients for the day. Look up all their lab values, radiology reports, nurse's notes from overnight, and any other tests or scans we ordered.

8:00am Go see all my patients. Make sure nothing has changed with their health status, see how they're feeling, and do a physical exam on them.

9:00am Report back to the physician's lounge and write notes on all my patients. My attending should be arriving soon. This doctor is at the top of the "ladder", above me and the residents I'm with. We report our patients to the attending, let him/her know how our patients look/feel, any changes in lab values, what we want to do with them that day, etc.

10:30am Go back and see all the patients with the attending. This usually takes forever because we have anywhere from 5-15 patients to see that are scattered all over our huge hospital. Families are usually in the rooms and are prepared with long lists of questions to ask the attending. It is usually the attending, myself, a medical student, an intern (1st year resident), and senior (3rd year resident).

1:00pm Grab something to eat. Usually pre-packaged sushi or a salad… not a huge fan of hospital food but it's not awful.

1:30pm Head back to the lounge and put in orders. This includes anything that the attending wants to order after having seen the patients including labs, x-rays, CT scans, procedures, medications, etc. After putting in all the orders, I update notes on all our patients.

4:00pm This is when we usually have people that need to be assessed in the ED (emergency department). On the days where my team is on call (every 4th day) we are responsible for seeing all the patients that come to the ED that the ED physicians think need to be admitted for serious medical conditions. When we get paged by the ED physicians we head down and do a full work-up on that patient. This includes getting a history, making sure we know all the medications they are taking, do a physical exam, order labs and tests, etc. If we decide that patient is in serious enough condition to be admitted, we have a bunch of paper work to fill out to get them a room.

7:00pm Report back to the overnight residents and physicians about the current state of our patients. This includes any pending lab results, tests, etc.

7:45pm Get HOME where my amazing husband has dinner already prepared. Eat, shower, pack my bag for tomorrow.

9:30pm The best part of the day… GET IN BED. My feet are throbbing and my back aches. It's hard to fall asleep after drinking 5 cups of coffee throughout the day. Whew. Not ready for that 5:10am alarm.

slightly dramatic, but this is how I feel 99% of the time… 74 more days #ithinkican


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FoF: fashion shows and a GIVEAWAY!

Friday, September 18, 2015

I finished my first week of inpatient internal medicine and it was intense! Long hours and sick patients. I have to work Saturday snd Sunday so I have today off (praise!). Here are my 5 from this week:

[O N E]
Last night my mom, my sisters and I went to dinner and a fashion show at Bevello. It was so much fun to have a girls night with drinks and yummy food then lots of shopping. I scored a new blanket scarf, two new tops, and a pea coat! And yes, my husband did my hair.

[T W O]
As I mentioned in a post last week, our cousins just had a new baby. I picked up this adorable Kate Spade card to go along with their present. Because honestly, paper products are my jam and this was too cute to pass up.

[T H R E E]
You guys HAVE to read this article titled "Out of the Ashes" that was written about my cousin, Inez. She was the Beverage Director on the 107th floor of the North Tower in the World Trade Center. On September 11, 2011 she happened to be home in NC for her sister's wedding. She lost 79 of her co-workers that day. Now she is the owner of On The Square, the most amazing restaurant in Tarboro, NC where I had my bridesmaid's luncheon. Please, take time to read this article. It will give you chills!

[F O U R]
One of my friends' older sisters recently started a calligraphy business called "It Is Written" and I won a giveaway on her instagram! This has always been one of my very favorite verses. It would be beautiful framed in a nursery and it would also make a great gift. I think I will save it for the former ;) Be sure to check out her instagram @itiswrittencalligraphy and show her some love!

[F I V E]
In case you missed it, check out my post from yesterday about Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. And be sure to enter the giveaway for this gorgeous headband from Headbands of Hope!

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Headbands of Hope GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

As most of you know, sweet Annie @ Home of Malones had her baby this week!! Madelyn is perfection… so happy for you, Annie! While she is off soaking up newborn cuddles, I'm co-hosting the Thoughts for Thursday link-up today! Be sure to link up with us below.


September is more than just the start of football season and pumpkin spice lattes. It is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. Last year a little girl from my hometown was diagnosed with high risk ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Her name is Georgia and she is the most precious little soul. She has endured countless lumbar punctures, chemo treatments, IV antibiotics, blood draws, and much more. Throughout the process of kicking cancer's butt, she lost her beautiful brown hair. Though losing hair is insignificant in the process of beating cancer, I cannot imagine how hard it must be emotionally, especially for a 7-year-old little girl.

This is where Headbands of Hope steps in. For every handband purchased online, one headband is donated to a child with cancer and $1 is donated to a childhood cancer organization of your choice. How awesome is that?! Being that September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, what better way to celebrate and raise money and awareness for these sweet children than to GIVEAWAY one of their gorgeous headbands??

If you know me at all, you know that 99% of the time I am wearing a headband. Whether at the beach, working out, or at work, Headbands of Hope has the perfect piece for any occasion. Knowing that the headband I am wearing has provided a precious little one with a headband of their own makes me love their products even more. I love what this organization is doing to bring smiles to the faces of little girls that are fighting such a tough battle. Next time you consider buying a headband, please consider Headbands of Hope!

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