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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bear with me... this is going to be a long one. I didn't anticipate taking a semi-break from blogging recently but we have been busy. Traveling or on call every weekend and there just hasn't been enough hours in the day. So here's a looong catch up about what we've been up to lately!


First up, my very best friend asked me to be her matron of honor! And she asked Vivian to be her flower girl! Holy cow my heart just can't take it. Vivian's middle name [Kate] is after her so she is just so special to me and I can't wait to stand beside her next year, and watch Vivi make her way down the aisle, which I'm sure will be a hilarious scene.

Vivi had her first set of pigtails and I just about died over the cuteness. 

We have been spending lots of time with my sister and her kids and they are like the three stooges. They love each other so much! And Vivi thinks she is the cat's meow hanging with the big kids.

We have made it a priority to go on at least one date night a month sans baby. And I'm happy to report that we went on two this past month! A few weeks ago I got home from work after a particularly long and stressful day and I just needed some time to relax and reconnect. We asked my MIL to stay a little later and we snuck out the door and enjoyed sushi and lots of good conversation. Then this past weekend we went out to dinner and had the best cocktails and appetizers. Date nights leave me feeling so recharged; they are absolutely crucial for our marriage and quality time is 100% my love language.

I get the most hilarious snapchats from my mom when she's keeping Vivi. This girl is busy and keeps us all on our toes.

Last week we got her this sandbox because we spend so much time outdoors and she has loved it! She doesn't understand the concept of not throwing or eating the sand but hey, we are getting there. We picked up a few bags of play sand from Lowes and these sand toys and she was like a kid on Christmas morning when we showed her.

We spent 5 days at the beach over the 4th of July and had the best time. My mom and my older sister and her kids were there the whole time and the daddies joined us Friday after work. We swam, played in the sand, went to the aquarium, got ice-cream, sat on the porch and watched sunsets [and sunrises]. 

 The adults even got to sneak away for a yummy dinner Saturday night which was so fun. We went to Full Circle in Morehead and we all loved our meals and drinks.

 So that's where I've been and what we have been up to. This weekend I am headed to the lake with my group of best friends [since preschool!] and I couldn't be more excited for a girls weekend. What are you up to this weekend?! Don't forget to link up with us below with your Thoughts for Thursday post!


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3 cheap and easy activities for toddlers

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I am officially over the NC heat and humidity... temps are in the 90's-100's and the humidity takes your breath away. I just cannot stand to be outside in the afternoons so I was desperate to find [cheap] activities for us to do indoors. These 3 fun activities can be made by things you probably already have at home! Super cheap and easy and Vivi has loved these new "games".

1. Card drop game
What you need: large oatmeal container, box of cards
Just cut a slot in the top of the oatmeal top and watch your little one drop the cards in. Working on their fine motor skills without them even knowing it ;) When they are all done, throw the cards in the container for super easy storage.

2. Pom pom tunnel
What you need: paper towel rolls, painters tape, pom pom balls
Just tape the paper towel rolls to the back of a door and they will love watching the pom poms go through the tunnel. I just leave the paper towel rolls taped to the door and store the pom poms in a ziplock bag.

3. Pipe cleaner plate
What you need: large paper plate, pipe cleaners
Poke very tiny holes in a paper plate and help your toddler weave the pipe cleaners through. Vivi still needs some help with this one but she loves when we do it together and thinks the pipe cleaners are so fun! I store the plate and pipe cleaners in a large ziplock bag together.

Ok mamas, what other cheap and easy activities am I missing?! 

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