Molly and Lucy | Nursery reveal

Monday, August 5, 2019

When we were going through the IVF process with Vivian, I dreamed of this crib. When we finally got pregnant, I splurged on this beautiful crib, dresser and bookshelf because "it will be used for all of our children so we will definitely get our money's worth". Little did I know that two years later I'd have to buy another one #jokesonme. But hey, you have to have matching cribs for twins right?? So we bit the bullet and now we have two beautiful cribs.

We did not make many changes to this room for the twins. We moved Vivian into a different bedroom and added a crib and voila, a new nursery. The walls were previously gray and I wanted the room lighter and brighter so we went with Sherwin Williams "Rosily" and I am so happy with how it turned out. It's the perfect light pink. We also added new artwork above the cribs and moved Vivian's artwork into her new room with her. We kept Vivian's crib bedding and just purchased another matching set from Carousel. I did have new curtains made; they are cream with the most beautiful light pink trim detail. The Bible verse painting was a gift from my best friend at my baby shower and coincidentally was the verse I prayed daily after the twins were born.

Overall, I am very happy with how it turned out! Simple and girly for our two angel babies.

Crib, dresser, bookshelf: Restoration Hardware
Crib bedding: Carousel
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Headbands: Willow Crowns

Amazon favorites | July 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

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You guys loved my June Amazon favorites so I figured I'd make this a monthly thing. This is a hugely random assortment of things which makes it even better! 


I first saw this dress when my friend Lindsey Thorne posted about it. It's less than $30 and comes in so many different colors. It's midi length which I wasn't sure I'd like but I do! I think this dress would be very flattering on every body type.

These water beads are SUCH a fun activity for toddlers. I put them in Vivian's water table and they kept her entertained for like 2 hours straight! Just remember that they have to soak for about 4-5 hours before they are "ready".

I found another bathing suit on Amazon for less than $30 that is super flattering. This mama is not ready for two pieces this summer. Since I had to buy all new swimsuits this year I needed them to be cheap. FYI it runs slightly small; I ordered a large.

Another shoutout to my beauty guru friend Lindsey for recommending this charcoal face mask. It really does a great job at cleaning out your pores. I try to do it at least twice a week.

I had lots of questions about where I got the twins' headband holder/stand in their nursery. I love the way it looks and love that you can display all their beautiful bows and headbands.

Vivian's most worn dress by far is this play dress from Amazon. I got it in like 6 different prints because it is so practical and cheap!

My breastfeeding journey | tips for exclusively pumping

Thursday, June 27, 2019

First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe that FED is best. I remember after I stopped breastfeeding Vivian I felt like a total failure. I constantly saw moms posting about breastfeeding and I felt so isolated and guilty. It took me a long time to get over that guilt, which I was not expecting. I also swore to myself that with my next child I would do my absolute best to not make any other mom feel isolated or guilty if she chose not to breastfeed or if breastfeeding just didn't work out for her. I have been in that situation and I never want to make another woman feel that way. Being a mom is hard and the way you choose to feed your child is a personal decision! With Vivian, breastfeeding only worked for a short period of time and the rest of her first year of life she drank formula and she is happy, healthy, and so smart. Also, I was formula fed and I think I turned out just fine ;)

With all that being said, when my babies were born the neonatologist came and spoke with me about 30 minutes after my C section and explained that my babies were too small for formula. It was too heavy for their tiny stomachs and they needed breastmilk, whether mine or donor. At that point I told myself I would do whatever I had to do to give them my milk, at least while they were in the NICU. I felt so helpless and pumping made me feel like I was doing something for my babies. Exclusively pumping is a huge labor of love but I really think it helped me heal mentally and emotionally because I was "giving" my babies something even though I couldn't take care of them.

I have compiled all my favorite products that I have used over the past 5.5 months as well as other random things that have worked for me so far on my journey of exclusively pumping.

+ Medela hospital grade pump. Because my twins were so early, the neonatologist recommended that I use a hospital grade pump. They were unsure of whether my milk would even come in since my body wasn't "ready" and also since I was producing milk for two babies, they recommended this pump. I wouldn't recommend you buy this pump, as it is about $2,000 (yikes!) but if your local hospital has a lactation consultant, ask them if these are available to rent. I currently pump about 50 ounces a day and a lot of that is because of how awesome this pump is. I rent it for $80 a month because my insurance does not cover it (so annoying).

Hands free pumping bra because nobody has time to hold the pump in place for 20 minutes. I actually bought 2 of these because I was washing it so frequently and I couldn't be without it for that long.

These lactation cookies are SO delicious. I make a batch almost weekly and devour them. Probably why I can't get rid of the baby weight but hey, it's for a good cause right? The three ingredients in them that help milk production are oats, flaxseed, and Brewer's yeast.

+ Blue Gatorade. I had so many women tell me this can help boost milk supply. Not sure if it really helped or not but those first few months I did try to drink it occasionally.

Brewer's yeast is one of the things that people swear by for boosting milk production. I use it frequently in lactation cookies, banana bread, etc.

Medela breastmilk storage bottles. I pump right into these. I like that the ounces are shown on these so that I know how much I've pumped and also that tops come with these so you can throw them right into the fridge. They can also be put in the dishwasher because nobody has time to hand wash all these pump parts!

A cute nursing cover that can also be used as a carseat cover. I used this multiple times a day in the NICU to cover up while pumping because there was zero privacy.

Breastmilk storage bags. I don't necessarily think one brand is better than another, I just started using these and haven't had a problem with them. I always write the date pumped and how many ounces before I throw them in the freezer.

Mrs. Patel's lactation treats. My cousin shipped a box of these chocolate lactation treats to my house right after the babies were born which was such a thoughtful gesture. I ate one a day and I really do think they helped my supply. They taste so yummy too!

One thing that really helped my milk come in during the first few weeks was power pumping. The lactation consultant told me to do this once a day for a few days in a row to mimic "cluster feeding". I did this daily for the first 2ish weeks and even though it was such a pain to be tied down for so long, it really helped.

I downloaded the app "Pump Log" on my phone and I log every single pumping session. I have been really happy with this app and highly recommend it so that you can track how much you're producing. It's also helpful to be able to look back at any date and see how long you were pumping and how much you were producing to compare it to the present. It's crazy to look back at how different my pumping was in those first few weeks compared to now (I used to pump 250 minutes a day and only product ~12 ounces... now I pump about 100 minutes a day and produce ~50 ounces)!

This is my typical pumping schedule now that the girls are home:

+ 5:30am: set my alarm every morning so that I can try to have it done by the time Vivi wakes up around 6am. Sometimes I am already awake feeding the twins so I will just pump while I feed them a bottle. I pump for 30 minutes during this session first thing in the morning.

+ 9:30am: if we are home this is my second session of the day. We are usually at the doctor, physical therapy, etc. at this time so I just do it as close to this as possible. Usually pump about 15-18 minutes.

+ 1pm: pump about 15-20 minutes right when I put Vivi down for a nap.

+ 5pm: pump about 15 minutes whenever Garrett gets home from work so he can handle all the kids.

+ 9:30pm: pump 20ish minutes right before I go to bed.

I am not sure how long I will keep pumping but it's working for us right now. It is not super convenient but I have so much help which makes it possible for me to keep going. If it ever begins to feel like a burden I will throw the towel in and pat myself on the back for the hard work I put in. We have 4 freezers full and I have not had to touch any frozen milk yet which is a huge blessing. I know pretty soon these girls will be eating more than I can produce so I'm thankful to have a frozen stash.

I have had a lot of people ask if I plan to nurse and the answer is probably not. When you watch your babies struggle so much just to learn how to drink a bottle, the last thing I want to do is have to make them learn how to eat all over again. We are finally doing awesome with bottle feeding so I don't want to "rock the boat".

Have any questions about my experience? Shoot me an email!

Lucy Winston and Molly Ross | birth story

Friday, June 21, 2019

I have been going back and forth about whether or not to share the twins’ birth story. It was so traumatic and I still have PTSD and major anxiety when I think back to that week. However, even though it was a nightmare, I think it will be freeing to write it all down. And even though I wish I could forget all the awful details, I also realize that this is the story the Lord wrote for their lives. I want to be able to look back in 10 years and remember how far they have come.


January 9th, 2019– 22w3d pregnant. I woke up and started getting ready for work just like a normal Wednesday and realized that I was bleeding. I wasn’t really alarmed at all because I felt fine and figured I had just overdone it from working in the OR the previous two days. We were scheduled to fly out of the country to the Cayman Islands the next day for vacation with my family so I decided to call my OB just to make sure everything was ok. I had an ultrasound, pelvic exam and everything checked out perfectly. Wasn’t dilated at all, the babies looked great and I was having no cramping or other signs of labor. My doctor said obviously she couldn’t make the decision for me but after talking with Garrett I decided I felt safe to go.

January 10th, 2019– 22w4d pregnant. We were up really early to travel and I started having what I thought were just Braxton Hicks from being dehydrated and tired. I did not sleep well the night before and traveling is always stressful. Surely these will go away once we get to our destination and I can relax and prop my feet up right?... well that was not the case. I continued to have contractions every 2-4 minutes all day and I started getting worried. Around 5pm we were finally at the resort and I called my OB and told them what was going on and they wanted me to go get checked out. I had NEVER been to the emergency room in my life and there we were, in the ED in a foreign country. I had another ultrasound and got two bags of IV fluids and everything looked great. Babies were happy and healthy and I was not dilated. Again, I thought I was just dehydrated and tired. No one really had any answers for me. Back to the hotel we went to rest and try to get some sleep.

January 11th & 12th, 2019– Contractions seemed to ease off but I continued to bleed. I mostly stayed in bed and on the couch while my family swam, played in the ocean, etc. Not the vacation I had in mind but at least I was ok. I had no idea I was in labor.

little did I know this would be my very last bump picture

January 13th, 2019– 23w0d pregnant. Contractions picked back up and I didn’t sleep a wink. They were coming every 3 minutes and growing in intensity. I knew something was not right and that we needed to get home immediately. My parents called the airline and switched our flight for us and 10 minutes later Garrett, Vivian and I were in a cab on the way to the airport. I insisted that my mom stay because I was sure this would be no big deal. We left in such a hurry that we didn’t even take our luggage... we took one carry on with our passports and my family said they would bring all our bags home. The only flight we could get on was 4 hours from home so then we had to rent a car and drive the rest of the way. Add in a grumpy, tired 2 year old who kicked the person’s seat in front of us for 3 hours straight and it was literally the day from hell.

I called my OB en route to let them know I was coming straight to the hospital so they would be expecting me. We finally arrived at the hospital around 12am and my in-laws met us in the parking lot to get Vivian and take her home to bed. I was sure we would be home before she woke up in the morning once I was checked out...

We got settled in triage and my OB checked me, put me on the monitor and everything looked fine. Still not dilated and babies look great. However, she wanted to run a few labs and give me some fluids so they transferred us into a L&D room for the night. I’m still thinking it will be just a few more hours until we can go home and they will just tell me to take it easy. Fast forward to the morning and my OB says they are going to transfer me to the Maternal Fetal Medicine service because I’m now “high risk” and she’d rather be safe [MFM handle all the high risk pregnancies].

January 14th, 2019– 23w1d pregnant. The MFM (maternal fetal medicine) doctor comes in and introduces himself and says they will be taking over my care and says he would like to check my cervix to establish a baseline. He checks me and says, “You are 1cm dilated... you are in active labor”. Then, in a very blunt and insensitive manner he says, “If you deliver your babies tonight, what medical interventions do you want done to them?” WHAT THE HELL? I want everything possible done to them!!! He then goes on to say that if my babies are born at 23 weeks there is a great chance they will be too small to intubate (put a breathing tube in), and that they will just wrap them in blankets and let me hold them. I get chills just writing that. I can't even put into words how hard this was to hear or try to process. He explained that every day, even every hour, that they could keep me pregnant is huge for my babies and that they consider 24 weeks gestation to be “viability”.  At this point I start bawling crying and realize how serious this is. I’m living a literal nightmare. I ask him to please leave while I talk to my husband about everything he just told us and then we had some awful conversations that a mom and dad should never have to have. We cried, prayed, begged God to save our babies and for me to stay pregnant.

January 15th, 2019– 23w2d pregnant. Had an uneventful, quiet day which was a huge blessing. I received my first of two steroid shots to help mature the babies’ lungs. They also started me on a magnesium drip which is primarily used to prevent CP but secondarily can help slow contractions and labor. It makes you feel awful, sweaty, dizzy and just out of it. The worst part is that you can’t get out of bed while on mag and can’t eat. Late that night I had a round of really, really strong and painful contractions. After some IV pain medications and Indomethacin they managed to slow them down.

January 16th, 2019-- 23w4d pregnant. Had an uneventful few days since Tuesday night. Garrett went to work for a few hours while mom sat with me. Still on magnesium so I just laid in bed and read, napped and watched tv. I was missing Vivian so much it made my heart hurt. I knew she was in great hands with my in-laws though. Garrett came back to relieve mom and around 10pm I began having really strong contractions. At this point they were pretty certain that I had a placental abruption due to my bleeding, pain and contractions. A placental abruption is rarely seen on ultrasound so it is more of a clinical diagnosis.  Thankfully after lots more meds they were able to slow labor down and the babies still looked great on the monitor. They decided to check me and I was 4cm dilated at that point. I officially felt like I had a ticking time bomb inside me. I prayed constantly to stay pregnant, hour by hour.

January 18th, 2019-- 23w5d pregnant. After a scary night I was hoping for a quiet day. I had an ultrasound scheduled at the MFM department to look at the babies. They looked great and were estimated to be both about 1 lb 6 oz. The MFM doctor was really happy with those weights but obviously we were hoping to stay pregnant for many more weeks. He said my cervix was so thin that it was basically nonexistent and baby A's head was right there. This made me super anxious and I just felt like I had a bomb inside me that was going to go off at any moment. I was scared to stand up, cough, laugh, or even move.

January 20th, 2019-- 24w0d pregnant. I had been praying all week to reach this day. 24 weeks is considered "viability" in the medical world but I absolutely hate that word because I believe every baby is a precious miracle. But all the doctors stressed how great of a milestone it would be to make it to 24 weeks. We had a quiet day and I was "stable" so they decided to transfer me from a L&D room to a room on the antepartum unit. We got to our new room around 7pm and got settled. Around 8:30pm I turned to Garrett and said, "I just had a contraction" and not 10 minutes later I was in the worst pain of my life. It came on fast and hard. Garrett called my mom and told her to come now. The antepartum unit was not prepared for active labor so they did not have any pain medications. I demanded that they call the MFM doctor ASAP, as I knew this was not good. He came in and decided to send me right back to the L&D unit. We got there and things happened so quickly. About 10 nurses were in the room as well as the MFM chief resident and attending. They were throwing IV pain medications at me and they weren't touching the pain. I was throwing up and requiring oxygen at that point. The pain was so bad that I was in this weird state of delirium, I could hear people talking but could not comprehend what was going on. Garrett was holding my hand and I was just trying to survive through the contractions. I heard the MFM attending tell Garrett and my mom that "baby A had started to have a few decels (dip in heart rate) and that they needed to get them out immediately". He explained that obviously he hated to take 24 week babies but it was the best decision for my life and to try to save theirs. Next thing I know I am being wheeled back into an emergency C section... it was about 10:30pm. I was so scared.

The second the anesthesiologist put the spinal in I had immediate relief. The neonatologist came in to speak with me about what to expect. She was so caring and reassuring and truly a blessing to me that night. She said there would be tons of people in the room divided into two "teams" to get ready for each baby. She said they would immediately take the babies to the side to intubate them so I would not be able to see them right away. I remember pleading to her, "please take care of my babies". Garrett then came in and sat by my head. I remember him placing his hands on my head and praying for us and for our babies. They began prepping me and surgery started. A few minutes later they said, "Baby A is here!" and our Lucy Winston Davis was born at 11:46pm. One minute later baby B, our Molly Ross Davis, was born at 11:47pm. The next moment was the most emotional moment of the entire process. The neonatologist turned around and looked at the MFM doctor who was doing my C-section and gave two thumbs up, meaning that both babies were successfully intubated. I get chills thinking about that moment. I just closed my eyes and cried. Up until that point we were unsure of whether they would even be big enough to be successfully intubated. The Lord was so present in that operating room and I felt such a peace that I know could have only come from Him. My babies were both here and they both weighed 1 lb. 9 oz. (730 grams). Garrett then left my side and went to see the babies and he got to cut the umbilical cords. After the babies were whisked out of the OR and into the NICU he came back by my side and said, "they are tiny but perfect".

The doctor confirmed during surgery that baby A's placenta was, in fact, abrupted (detached) which was why I went into labor. They also confirmed via pathology that I had chorioamnionitis which further complicated things. No one has any explanation for why either of these things happened.

Right when I was taken back into the OR my mom and Garrett called our families and our preacher and they all met in the hospital lobby and prayed during the delivery. Once we were settled in PACU Garrett took our parents one by one into the NICU to see the babies. I had so many emotions... sadness, happiness, anxiety, fear, etc. I was so exhausted physically and emotionally that I waited to visit them in the NICU until the next morning. Our sweet friend Sara is a photographer and she graciously came and took pictures of them when they were 24 hours old. At that point it was still so hard for me to look at them so I opted not to participate. I'm so thankful Garrett was willing to be in them. This was his first time touching them which was so hard for him.

I stayed in the hospital 3 more days to receive IV antibiotics and recover from surgery. It was nice to be able to walk down the hall to the NICU and visit my babies multiple times a day but I was so sick of being there for the past 11 days. I was so ready to get home to Vivian. We were discharged on January 23rd and it was excruciating to drive home without my babies. I will never forget crying the entire way home. The next 128 days spent in the NICU would change me in every way possible. Our babies fought for their lives and went through more than any person should ever have to go through. This is not at all how I imagined the start of their lives but the Lord knew their story before they were ever in my belly. They are going to change the world!

"For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." -Psalm 139: 13-14

Amazon favorites | June 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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I think we are the last people on earth to bite the bullet and join Amazon Prime. A few weeks ago I made the plunge and haven't looked back. It is quite dangerous to be able to search and buy literally anything in a matter of minutes and have it show up on my doorstep in 2 days. Between maternity leave and middle of the night feedings, we are keeping Amazon in business. Here is a super random assortment of my favorite purchases in the past few weeks.


I first spotted this orange and white bathing suit when Christina posted about it a few months ago. I am in dire need of a few new cute mom swim suits and decided to give this one a try. For $29, my expectations were low but it definitely exceeded them. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and it does a great job of holding my "pumping for twins" chest in place. The tie gives it a cute touch and it is very flattering on a postpartum belly.

A few weeks ago we re-did our upstairs bathroom. We kept it pretty plain and gender neutral, not knowing what gender children would be sharing it. When the girls were born we knew we wanted to give that bathroom a face lift and we were now safe to make it girly. I ordered these clear acrylic jars to store q-tips and hair rubberbands and they make the bathroom counter look so much more clean and organized.

Getting clear hair rubberbands out of Vivian's hair is a nightmare. She screams and I feel like I am ripping all of her hair out, no matter how easy I try to be. Then I remembered that Megan posted about these hair elastic band cutters and they have been a game changer. No more tears from Vivian and no more hair broken off or pulled out!

Life with newborn twins consists of very little sleep. I am happily sleep deprived but the bags under my eyes don't lie. I try to put these depuffing undereye patches on for a little while every morning and they really help.

I posted a video of Vivian playing in this water activity center on Instagram and had more messages than ever before! For $85, I can say without a doubt that we have already gotten our money's worth. Super easy to set up and all you have to do is attach a hose and it will keep your little entertained forever. Summers in NC are miserably hot so we are always looking for fun water activities.

I was on the hunt for the perfect straw hat but couldn't find one for less than $100. For $16, I won't feel guilty when this straw hat gets covered in sunscreen, smashed in my beach bag, etc. There are numerous different colors and the size is adjustable. 

Pregnancy #2... some frequently asked questions!

Friday, November 2, 2018

I feel like it has been foreverrrr since I have blogged regularly. I have been feeling like pure crap so blogging has been the last thing on my mind but I sure have missed it! I have also missed connecting with everyone in this space so I am going to try to start blogging again regularly now that I'm somewhat coming out of the first trimester fog. I got lots of questions when we announced our pregnancy so I figured I'd answer them all in one post. If I missed anything leave a comment and I will answer!


1. Is this an IVF pregnancy?
Yes! We had an unsuccessful IVF attempt earlier this summer. About 5 weeks later we tried again and it worked! Full recap of our successful IVF attempt coming to the blog soon!

2. How many embryos did you transfer?
Only 1, it split! It was a 1 in 300 chance of this happening. SHOCKED is an understatement!

3. Are the twins identical?
Yes! It was one embryo that split which makes them identical.

4. Do we know the genders?
Nope! A lot of people assume that if you do IVF you know the gender already. This is only true if you do PGS testing (genetic testing of the embryos) before your embryo transfer. We did not do this with our embryos so we will not know the genders until our anatomy scan in a few weeks. Since they are identical they will either be both boys or girls.

5. Are you going to do a gender reveal?
We will do something small with just our families. Trying to think of something unique to do... if you have any ideas send them my way!

6. How have you been feeling?
So awful. It hit me right before 6 weeks. Severe nausea from the second I woke up to the time I went to bed. And the throwing up... ugh. I would literally just cry all day because I felt so awful but still had to function/go to work/take care of a toddler. So miserable! When we found out we were having twins it made sense why I was feeling so awful. Thankfully over the past week it has lessened some. Still super tired and throwing up occasionally but the nausea is more manageable. My doctor says she is not surprised because there are twice the hormones, meaning that it's common to feel twice as bad. With V I had nausea my first trimester but it was nothing like this.

7. Does Vivi know what's going on?
No she is too young. I will ask her how many babies are we having and she says "twoooo" and I can also say "whose tummy are the babies in?" and she will say "mama!" but that's only because we have said it so many times. It makes me sad when I think about how we are about to rock her world but I know there is no greater gift than a sibling(s). I think she is going to be so great with them!

8. Have you picked names yet?
No! I'm having such a hard time with this. It's hard enough choosing one name, two is impossible! I do have one girl name but that's it. Ahhh!

9. Will you continue to work once the babies are born?
Yes! I love my job and work gives me an outlet to feel productive and makes me a better mom when I'm home. I only work 3 days a week now so will continue this after the twins are born. Bless all the mommas that stay home with their kids, I was not made for that!

10. What are you most nervous/afraid of with twins?
This is such a stupid concern but I'm terrified of never sleeping again. V was such an awful sleeper that I am scarred for life. More long term worries are that Garrett and I will never be able to have date nights, travel, etc. alone because no one will be able to handle our circus. I am worried about the logistics of everything... how will I get 3 babies into and out of a car when we have somewhere to be? How will I go to Target alone? Answer: I won't. Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive and hands on husband and both of our families are close which is so great. We will be just fine, I just may not do anything for the next 2 years haha!


Things are about to get so crazy in the Davis home. Thank you Lord for these two blessings!

We're having TWINS!

Monday, October 29, 2018

We are shocked, excited, anxious, terrified and thrilled to announce that we are welcoming TWO babies into our family in April 2019! After a heartbreaking failed IVF attempt this past summer, we are so thankful and feel so blessed that God has gifted us not one but TWO miracle babies. Things are about to get crazy in the Davis household!

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