Vivian Kate | 1 month

Monday, March 27, 2017

I cannot believe my baby is 1 month old! Time is flying and I am trying to soak up every single minute.

As of this past Friday when she was 1 month and 1 day, she weighted 9lb 4oz. She is 21 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight and her head is in the 75th percentile. My family has big heads!

She is still sleeping in the rock n' play beside our bed. We bought the Halo bassinet which she hates... that figures. She really doesn't like sleeping flat on her back but we are trying to work on it. It makes me feel better that she is a little propped up in the rock n' play because she spits up a lot and I'm terrified she is going to choke.

We feed her around 9:00pm then put her down and she usually wakes up to eat around 12:30am, 3:30am, and 6:30am. My amazing husband does the 12:30am feeding which is SO great because even though I still wake up, I get to stay in bed and doze back off. After her 6:30am feeding I usually put her on my chest to snuggle for a little while then we get up around 7:30am to let the dog out, have coffee, and watch the news... our morning routine!

For the most part she is eating 3oz every 2.5-3 hours. At her 9pm feeding we give her 4oz and occasionally after eating 3oz she is still acting starving so we will give her 1 more ounce. I am so sad to no longer be breastfeeding but it just didn't work for us. I miss that special time with her but we are both so much happier. She is full and satisfied and I am enjoying her SO much more now. This could be a whole post of it's own...

She is still in newborn diapers and newborn outfits. I have put her in a few 0-3 month gowns which are a tiny bit big but we make them work. She has soo many adorable gowns and outfits that are 0-3 months that she is so close to fitting into!

Sleeping on my chest, being worn in the Solly wrap, being held, riding in the car, laying on her stomach, getting a bath.

Being swaddled, laying flat on her back, getting her diaper changed.

We traveled 2 hours to Raleigh for the day to shop and we also traveled 2 hours to the beach for the weekend. She was so good and never made a peep during both of our road trips! She went to church for the first time yesterday and was so good! We have been on long walks almost every day and she absolutely loves them. 

Coffee talk + life lately

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi guys, I'm back!! My poor blog has been totally neglected lately. I do have a pretty good excuse though... I have been slightly busy trying to keep a newborn baby alive. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things as we start establishing a routine. So here is a huge dump of all things baby and what my life has consisted of lately:

+ Speaking of my newborn, Vivian is 1 month old today! How in the world is that possible? It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital! I love her more and more every day.

+ Last weekend we had newborn pictures done with the amazing Amanda Nichols and I am so in love with the sneak peak we have seen! I cannot wait to get them back and show you guys! I was a nervous wreck thinking Vivi was going to cry and stay awake the entire time but surprisingly she did amazing and slept until the last 20 minutes, at which point she was starving and just totally over it.

+ My favorite time of day is during the mornings right after we wake up and Garrett leaves for work. I make my coffee and we head into the nursery to rock and snuggle. I do my daily devotional, catch up on blog reading, and we listen to Lauren Daigle pandora. It's so relaxing and really starts my day off on such a sweet note.

+ I am beyond thankful to have 12 weeks off from work. Before I had Vivian I thought I would be itching to get back to work at like 6 weeks but now I am dreading having to go back and leave her.

+ Speaking of work, I have some exciting news... I am going back part time! One of the main reasons I went to PA school versus medical school is because I knew I wanted to raise my own children and have a work/life balance. My work has been so accommodating and has agreed to let me work 3 days a week after maternity leave. I am so thankful God opened this door for me and I know it will be perfect for our family.

+ Vivian took her first of many trips to the beach last weekend. Sadly, we never even stepped foot on the sand because it was freezing cold and raining but it was so great to have a change of scenery with lots of basketball watching, snuggles, and champagne. Pretty soon we will be going every single weekend and I can't wait to see her become a beach lover like her momma!

+ Speaking of basketball, my (and Garrett's) alma mater UNC has made it to the Sweet 16! Vivi has no choice but to be a Tarheel baby and our home bleeds baby blue during this time of year! We are hoping Vivi brings them good luck and a W tomorrow night! Go heels!

+ At Vivian's first peds appointment her doctor heard a heart murmur. Due to the fact that IVF babies have increased risk for heart defects, he wanted us to be seen by a pediatric cardiologist. We had our first appointment and she had an echocardiogram to look at her heart valves as well as an EKG. She has been diagnosed with a VSD [ventricular septal defect], a small hole between the bottom two chambers of her heart. Luckily they think it should close by the time she is one and we don't need to do anything about it right now except for repeat echos and EKG's every few months for monitoring. Scary for this momma though!

+ Shout out to my absolutely amazing husband. I knew he would be such a great dad but he has exceeded my expectations. The way he cared for me after my C section and the way he takes care of our daughter has made my love for him grow 10-fold. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the one you love most in this world holding the baby you created together. Shew hormones!

+ I am finally feeling comfortable taking her out in public by myself. The first 2ish weeks we basically just stayed home or at my mom's because the thought of taking her in public gave me so much anxiety! We are going on lots of lunch dates, walks, running errands, etc and it has helped keep me sane!

+ I'm working on her birth story, nursery reveal, postpartum update, and lots more so check back soon if you are interested in those boring mommy things ;)

Introducing Vivian Kate Davis

Friday, March 3, 2017

Vivian Kate Davis
February 23, 2017 at 8:45 pm
8 pounds, 4 oz and 20 inches long

My perfect, beautiful miracle baby is already 1 week old. Her birth was long, painful, emotionally and physically draining, but worth every second. After 50 hours of labor that ended in a C section, everything was right in the world when I heard her first cry. I cannot imagine loving another human being the way I love her. I cry just typing that! She is everything we have been praying for and more. Her favorite thing is laying on her mommy's chest. She is breastfeeding like a champ and I love every second I get to spend with her. We are overjoyed and beyond thankful that God chose us to be her parents. 

"For this child we have prayed" -1 Samuel 1:27

My baby shower

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This past Saturday was my baby shower! My best friends spoiled me and baby girl to death. Everything was absolute perfection, it felt surreal! Going through infertility, you dream about your baby shower. I never knew if I would have one so it was definitely a day I will never forget.

On the menu was cucumber sandwiches, a cheese platter, meatballs, spinach balls, fruit skewers, deviled eggs, turkey pinwheels, and chicken salad croissants. For dessert there were cupcakes and delicious fruit cookies.

And if you knew my friends, you know there was a mimosa bar. I was dying a little on the inside watching everyone sip their champs while I sipped lemonade, but totally worth it for baby girl!

They had a "guest book" where everyone signed a sweet message to baby girl in the inside of the book "Guess How Much I Love You". My very favorite detail. I was crying as I read through all the messages and how loved she already is. I can't wait to rock her and read this book to her a million times!

One of my best friends, Morgan, painted this for baby girl's nursery. How beautiful is it?! She is so talented.

Love my family. My momma, sisters and niece.

We are on the countdown down!! 6.5 weeks or less!

Pregnancy update: weeks 29-33

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How far along?
32 weeks and 5 days

Size of baby?
Head of lettuce

All day, everyday. She is moving around all the time, it looks like an alien lives in my belly.

Have been feeling great recently. No more back pain (knock on wood) and no headaches. Have been having Braxton Hicks constantly which is a little uncomfortable but not painful. A tiny bit of swelling in my feet after a long day at work but wearing compression stockings has really helped.

Still doing my best. They are getting a lot more difficult. Still trying to go to the gym 3-4 days a week and do cardio for 30 minutes then upper body weights and some legs. I get out of breath really easily and have Braxton Hicks during cardio so I am just listening to my body and doing what feels ok.

Pretty awful. I typically require 9+ hours of sleep a night to function normally, which has been my biggest fear about having a baby. However, I think God is prepping me for no sleep. I go to bed around 9 and fall asleep immediately, get a good 3-4 hours, then I am basically up the rest of the night. Thankfully I do feel like I am getting used to it. Sleepy but ok!

All girl!

Weight gain?
About 22 lbs! Woah! It really doesn't seem like that much to me but I am soaking up every minute of it and not worrying about the scale.

Craving sweets allllll the time which is so weird for me. Usually I would choose salty over sweet any day but not lately. I have been eating candy which is also so unlike me. Always hungry and I snack on healthy snacks all day at work like apples, raisins, protein bars, greek yogurt, bananas, etc. Trying to eat healthy but allowing myself to eat dessert whenever my sweet tooth hits.

We've made some progress but it doesn't look like it. We finally picked a paint color and hired a painter who is coming next week finally. Also picked out fabric and trim for our curtains which are currently being made. They should be done in 2 weeks and I am SUPER excited about them! Found a gorgeous gold mirror at Hobby Lobby for over her changing table. Also having an abstract painting done for over her crib which is in the works. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will really start coming together.

Best/worst part of the week?
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we had a scare last week. I went for my regular check on Thursday and my blood pressure was a little elevated. They checked it multiple times and it stayed up which worried my doctor, because my BP is always super normal. They wanted to make sure everything was ok so they did a stress test, blood work and an ultrasound which were all normal thankfully. What was supposed to be a quick 15 minute appointment turned into 4 hours. It was a treat seeing baby girl on ultrasound though. She already weighed 5 lbs last week and they said they expect her weight to double, so she would likely be 10 lbs if she goes to 40 weeks. Yikes. My doctor said we will do another ultrasound at 37 and if she's still huge he will induce me at 39 or schedule a C section at 40. This is giving me some anxiety but I'm trying to take it day by day... as long as she is healthy we will be fine!

As a side note: we found out our sweet furry baby has to have ACL surgery on her other leg. She had this surgery back in September and the 12 week recovery was brutal. We thought we were in the clear until she started limping 3 weeks ago. We took her to the vet who did her surgery and they confirmed that her other ACL is torn. We've decided to go ahead with surgery on Tuesday and hopefully she will be 5-6 weeks into recovery when the baby gets here. This has been stressing me out big time because I remember how much of a pain her recovery was... hence why my BP was probably high. We will get through it but it definitely throws a kink in my last 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Looking forward to?
My baby shower this weekend! All my best friends are coming into town to throw it for me. I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful. Going through infertility you dream about your own baby shower. It feels so surreal that we will be celebrating my baby girl this weekend with all my friends and family. I cannot wait!

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