13 days!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My poor blog gets no attention these days...

I finally finished my 1st semester of PA school. Wow. Hardest, most frustrating, exhausting, yet rewarding thing I have ever done. I will admit... I am proud of myself for the dedication and time I put into studying in the midst of planning a wedding and building a house. You see, we are allowed ONE [yes, 1] C for the 2.5 years we are in the program or we are kicked out. That adds a tiny bit of pressure to us, as if we need more pressure.

Anyways, now I am in full wedding mode! In just 13 days I will marry my best friend. HOLY COW how is it so soon? It feels like yesterday that we were getting engaged. I never knew how many details there were until now... make sure the people making dessert know where to have them delivered, make seating arrangements for rehearsal dinner and BM luncheon, get marriage license, make sure photographer knows where to meet us, finalize programs, pick out lip color for the wedding (who knew this would be such a task).

Because I am so excited about the wedding day it has been so easy to overlook the fact that we are going to MEXICO for a week after the wedding. I get extra happy when I remember this *small* fact. A beach, mystery novel, champagne, ridiculous amounts of food, and my HUSBAND... yes please.

I pray that we can soak in these last few days before we get hitched to enjoy Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus. What a happy time!


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