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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I have been absent on here for the past week. My time has been split between my new geriatrics rotation and my new nephew. I am spending every moment possible helping my sister with my niece and nephew while she recovers from her surgery. It has been soooo nice living right beside them. I am SO thankful that I can run over multiple times a day every day to see my babies. I have gotten so many baby snuggles. Giving me baby fever badly ;)

I may be bias, but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest niece and nephew in the world.

This week I have been thinking so much about family and what really matters in life. I literally do not know what I would do without my family. As I sit there holding my nephew and playing with baby dolls with my niece, I know that is right where I belong. These are the moments that matter, not how many blog posts I get up in a week or how high my test grade is. So, for now I will be soaking up family time and posting on here as time allows. After all, it seems like my niece was this small just yesterday. If I blink I might miss these precious newborn days.

I'm an AUNT!

Friday, May 22, 2015

After 30 hours of labor and an emergency C-section, I am an aunt to a perfect baby boy.

Welcome to the world, Jack Owens. You are so loved.

My sister is a rockstar, I am SO proud of her! Can't wait to spend the whole weekend stealing kisses and snuggles from the new man in my life ;)

Weekending: strawberries and studying

Monday, May 18, 2015

This weekend was boring spent hunkered down in my family medicine notes. I have my end-of-rotation exam on Thursday which I am getting super nervous about! I was talking to my husband yesterday about how ready I am to be d.o.n.e. with PA school. Then I stopped myself. I don't want to wish my life away. I want to enjoy all the precious moments that are happening in my life this year. And, I am super blessed to be in PA school chasing my dream of practicing medicine. No matter how stressed I am and how much studying I have to do, I will never take that for granted. So, while I am ready to be done with school in December, I am enjoying the little moments in-between the stressful ones.

After my exam Thursday I think I will reward myself with becoming an AUNT again! Sissy is being induced Wednesday night so I am praying she doesn't push baby Jack out until after my exam is over.

Can we take a minute to be jealous at how adorably preggo my sister is??

Friday I drove 2 hours home from work and met hubs at the gym. I have been super lazy since our trip to Key West and haven't been working out like normal. It felt good to get back at it this weekend. Then it was a trip to Target for "a few things for the house" aka an entire cart full of stuff. For dinner we met my family at Moe's, a casual mexican restaurant that has live music and a "bounce house". Beer and live music for the adults, bounce house for the kids #everybodywins.

How flipping adorable is this??

Saturday morning I was up early to study, womp womp. I took a break to go strawberry picking with my sister, niece, and mom. This little diva got the hang of it pretty quickly!

We got SO many delicious, juicy strawberries! Then we got home and I slightly panicked, realizing it would take a small army to eat all of them before they go bad. Solution: strawberries for every meal! In my oatmeal, for snack, and strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Saturday night we cooked out with my sister and brother-in-law while my niece played in the sprinkler. I looove Summer meals! And the strawberry shortcake was amazing, duh!

Strawberry Shortcake:
-Angel food cake
-Cool whip

Cut strawberries into bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle them with sugar and let them sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to get "juicy". Top the angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip. So easy!

Sunday after church, hubs and brother-in-law decided to do a "food challenge" at a local burger restaurant. They have been talking about it for weeks. You have to eat a 55oz burger [disgusting], order of fries, and large Coke in under 30 minutes or you pay $30. My husband is a health FREAK and he basically only eats grilled chicken and vegetables. So halfway through this torture challenge, he thought he was going to be sick from all the grease. Being the concerned wife that I am, I was slightly pissed that we would be paying $30 for a burger. Much to my delight, they powered through and FINISHED and got applause from the whole restaurant… then went home and died.

How was your weekend?!

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Can't live without it: sister edition

Friday, May 15, 2015

So for this week's "Can't Live Without It" post, I am doing something a little different. I'm not going to talk about a household or beauty product that makes life easier. I am going to talk about my older sister, because, well, I can't live without her.

I have 2 sisters. One is 3 years older than me, and the other is 5 years younger. I love being the middle sister. You hear horror stories about being a middle child, but I have loved every minute. I am the peacekeeper of the family. I have a special bond with both of my sisters that they don't necessarily share.

Two and a half years ago my sister gave me the greatest gift ever… in the form of a niece. And life has never been the same! I am forever grateful that she is the reason I am an aunt. And in 6 short days she will give me a nephew. my heart might burst.

So here's to my older sissy. Who I once hated and fought with every single day. But who is now my best friend and my neighbor [literally]. I love sharing a backyard and clothes with her. I love her kid[s] like they are my own. She is the best mom, and I love watching her be a mom. I am so proud to be her sissy! And by the way, I slightly hate her for how adorably preggo she is. She is nothing but belly and I have to be compared to that one day. Ugh.

Having a sister is having a permanent best friend. And I just can't live without her.

Thoughts on one-piece swimsuits

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Every year I am closer and closer to switching over to the one-piece side. I told my husband that I cannot wait to be pregnant so that I have an excuse to wear one-pieces. This is true. He was less than thrilled. However, I honestly think that the right one-piece is so much more flattering and sexy than any two-piece. I don't think I will be making the plunge this summer, but here is what I have my eyes on for next summer:

bathing suits

What are your thoughts on one-pieces? When is the "right time" to make the switch to one-pieces? Where are the best places to buy reasonably priced yet nice quality suits?

Family medicine and family time

Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's jump right into my weekend recap:

Fridays are half days at my family med rotation which is awesome! I am 2 hours from home this month so being able to leave after lunch allowed me to spend some time with husband and puppy Friday night. G picked up takeout on the way home from work, we took Bella on a long walk, then it was snuggles and Dateline in bed… perfection! I stopped by Fresh Market on the way home and picked up these beauties:

I swear, fresh flowers do so much for a home and for my mood!

He speaks my love language!

Saturday I was up bright and early to get a few hours of studying done. I have my end-of-rotation exam next week and have been procrastinating big time. G played golf with his cousins so I had the house to myself. Then it was a gym date and dinner outside at Mellow Mushroom. The weather was amazing and we really wanted to go somewhere to sit outside and have drinks! My sister and niece tagged along too. Only 10 more days until she gives birth to my nephew! eeeee!

Sunday we went to church then grocery shopped, cleaned the house, and got ready to have our families over for dinner! We had both of our families over to celebrate Mother's Day. The menu: chicken and pineapple kabobs, corn on the cob, squash and zucchini, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was so delicious… the perfect summer meal!

Side note: I wish we could celebrate my mom every day, not just 1 day a year. She deserves all the presents and love in the world. She is a true gem. Patient, loving, selfless, beautiful, God-fearing, caring. I got the best of the best when God gave me her as a momma.

I am also super thankful for my MIL. I couldn't have hand-picked a better one. Marrying into a family that I loved and that would love me was high on my list of qualities for the guy I would marry. I hit it out of the park with my MIL. She has taken me in as one of her own and I do not take that for granted!

Today starts week 3 at my family medicine rotation. Halfway done! Being 2 hours away from my husband during the week is getting old, but I am making the most of it. I hope you have a happy Monday!

Key West recap!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm baaaack! Key West/Sunset Key was amazing and a much needed getaway! I have been meaning to do a recap since earlier this week but a terrible case of bronchitis + having a rotation 2 hours from home makes for no free time. 

We had a house rented on Sunset Key which was just a short 2 minute boat ride from Key West. Sunset Key was SO nice, I highly recommend it! It is absolutely gorgeous and quaint. It allows you to get away from the craziness of Key West to relax but you are just a short boat ride away from all the madness.

Sunset Key from the boat
Sunset Key is covered in fresh flowers! Love!

Thursday we arrive late morning and started the day with lunch at the pool by our house. I had way too many fresh mahi sandwiches. We relaxed all day then headed over to Key West for dinner and drinks. After dinner we went to a drag show which was traumatizing hilarious. I was worried that I was going to have nightmares. The guys, errrr girls (?) really loved my husband which was weird and somewhat pissed me off. So after being scarred for life, we headed to a bar with live music. It was so much fun sitting outside with drinks and music and family!

Friday dad had a boat chartered to take us snorkeling and exploring all day. Y'all, I TOUCHED A SEA TURTLE! Dream. come. true. A huge school of dolphins also swam beside our boat for a while which was incredible. It was an amazing day that I won't forget!

 Love my daddy

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Blue Heaven, which is Kenny Chesney's favorite spot in Key West! It is the neatest outside dive restaurant with the best food. I had eggs benedict and homemade banana bread which were both out of this world. We did some shopping on Duval Street and the rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach and by the pool. Saturday night we went to a "sunset party" that had street performers, drinks, etc. I had the best guacamole that was made right in front of me! yum! And that sunset… I can't even. Thank you, Lord!

Our view for dinner on Sunset Key… absolutely breathtaking

Sunday we did the Conch Train Tour which takes you around Key West and shows you all the "landmarks" and educates you on the history of Key West. Honestly, I was dreading it but decided to go because dad really wanted to. However, it was SO much fun and so educational. I highly recommend it! We finished the day with bloody mary's and a few hours by the pool then it was time to head home and back to reality.

Please let me know if you are planning a trip to Key West! I'd love to give you recommendations on restaurants/bars and things to do! If you are looking for a spot with pristine, white beaches and crystal blue water, Key West is not your spot. However, if you are looking for a fun vacation with snorkeling, drinks, and hot weather, Key West is the answer!

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