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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bear with me... this is going to be a long one. I didn't anticipate taking a semi-break from blogging recently but we have been busy. Traveling or on call every weekend and there just hasn't been enough hours in the day. So here's a looong catch up about what we've been up to lately!


First up, my very best friend asked me to be her matron of honor! And she asked Vivian to be her flower girl! Holy cow my heart just can't take it. Vivian's middle name [Kate] is after her so she is just so special to me and I can't wait to stand beside her next year, and watch Vivi make her way down the aisle, which I'm sure will be a hilarious scene.

Vivi had her first set of pigtails and I just about died over the cuteness. 

We have been spending lots of time with my sister and her kids and they are like the three stooges. They love each other so much! And Vivi thinks she is the cat's meow hanging with the big kids.

We have made it a priority to go on at least one date night a month sans baby. And I'm happy to report that we went on two this past month! A few weeks ago I got home from work after a particularly long and stressful day and I just needed some time to relax and reconnect. We asked my MIL to stay a little later and we snuck out the door and enjoyed sushi and lots of good conversation. Then this past weekend we went out to dinner and had the best cocktails and appetizers. Date nights leave me feeling so recharged; they are absolutely crucial for our marriage and quality time is 100% my love language.

I get the most hilarious snapchats from my mom when she's keeping Vivi. This girl is busy and keeps us all on our toes.

Last week we got her this sandbox because we spend so much time outdoors and she has loved it! She doesn't understand the concept of not throwing or eating the sand but hey, we are getting there. We picked up a few bags of play sand from Lowes and these sand toys and she was like a kid on Christmas morning when we showed her.

We spent 5 days at the beach over the 4th of July and had the best time. My mom and my older sister and her kids were there the whole time and the daddies joined us Friday after work. We swam, played in the sand, went to the aquarium, got ice-cream, sat on the porch and watched sunsets [and sunrises]. 

 The adults even got to sneak away for a yummy dinner Saturday night which was so fun. We went to Full Circle in Morehead and we all loved our meals and drinks.

 So that's where I've been and what we have been up to. This weekend I am headed to the lake with my group of best friends [since preschool!] and I couldn't be more excited for a girls weekend. What are you up to this weekend?! Don't forget to link up with us below with your Thoughts for Thursday post!


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3 cheap and easy activities for toddlers

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I am officially over the NC heat and humidity... temps are in the 90's-100's and the humidity takes your breath away. I just cannot stand to be outside in the afternoons so I was desperate to find [cheap] activities for us to do indoors. These 3 fun activities can be made by things you probably already have at home! Super cheap and easy and Vivi has loved these new "games".

1. Card drop game
What you need: large oatmeal container, box of cards
Just cut a slot in the top of the oatmeal top and watch your little one drop the cards in. Working on their fine motor skills without them even knowing it ;) When they are all done, throw the cards in the container for super easy storage.

2. Pom pom tunnel
What you need: paper towel rolls, painters tape, pom pom balls
Just tape the paper towel rolls to the back of a door and they will love watching the pom poms go through the tunnel. I just leave the paper towel rolls taped to the door and store the pom poms in a ziplock bag.

3. Pipe cleaner plate
What you need: large paper plate, pipe cleaners
Poke very tiny holes in a paper plate and help your toddler weave the pipe cleaners through. Vivi still needs some help with this one but she loves when we do it together and thinks the pipe cleaners are so fun! I store the plate and pipe cleaners in a large ziplock bag together.

Ok mamas, what other cheap and easy activities am I missing?! 

the BEST homemade oatmeal raisin cookies

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Happy Thursday friends! Coming at you today with a delicious sweet treat. I honestly don't bake very often because I have zero self control and will eat all 15 cookies or an entire cake if it's in my house. But for Father's Day I decided to bake our dads some sweet treats. It had been so long since I had made these... I almost forgot how good they are! Super easy and so delicious! P.s. don't forget to link up with us below with your Thoughts for Thursday post!

Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

-2 cups all purpose flour
-1 tsp baking soda
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp sea salt
-1 cup unsalted butter, softened
-1 cup sugar
-1 cup dark brown sugar, firmly packed
-2 eggs
-2 tsp vanilla
-3 cups oats (not instant)
-1 1/2 cups raisins

1. Preheat oven to 350*
2. Whisk together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
3. With hand mixer on lower, combine the butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla. Then cream by increasing mixer speed to high and beat until fluffy and the color lightens.
4. Stir the flour mixture into the creamed mixture until no flour is visible.
5. Stir in oats and raisins.
6. Form cookies and place on greased cookie sheet.
7. Bake 11-13 minutes until golden.


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Vivian Kate | 16 months

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I can't believe my baby is 16 months old already! I'm going to try to document her growth every few months for my own memory. She has grown so much over the past 4 months. She has developed her own little big personality. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She loves signing "please", "more", and "thank you". She is such a ham and has to be touching her mama at all times... I'm not complaining! Don't forget to link up with us below with your Thoughts for Thursday post!


27 lb 10 oz, 31.5 inches long

You are still taking two naps a day. Usually from 8:30-10am and 1:30-3:30pm. I don't see you transitioning to one nap a day any time soon because you are so ready to get in your crib for your morning nap. You go to bed at 7pm sharp and sleep until 6am like clockwork. You love your crib so much and we are finally at the point where I feel comfortable calling you a "good sleeper" [knock on wood]. I never thought I'd say those words when you were a tiny baby.

The ONLY food you will not eat is eggs. I don't understand why you dislike them so much because we eat them for breakfast every single morning. I keep offering them to you in hopes that one day you will change your mind. I am still making baby food pouches because it is such an easy way to make sure you are getting veggies when you throw all the others on the floor. You would eat fruit alone for every meal if you could. You love ham and turkey. Your very favorites are blueberries, raspberries, string cheese, avocado and bananas. You get about 20 oz of whole milk a day, usually four 5 oz sippy cups throughout the day. The rest of the day you drink water and you love it!

Reading, being outside, playing in water, swinging, your cousin Ella James, your furry sister Bella, stickers, sliding, babies.

Brushing your teeth, riding in the car for extended periods of time, eggs, when mama is out of your sight.

Milestone and Memories
You are growing so fast! I am convinced that this is my favorite age so far. We have so much fun doing activities with you because you finally show interest and "understand" going to the aquarium, the splash pad, the library, etc. I never want to forget your "surprised face" that you make when you hear a loud noise or Bella barks. Your precious gummy smile melts me and you are definitely a mama's girl but you love your daddy too. You can spot a baby from across the room and you love to get super close, wave, and say "heyyyy baby". Your eyes get bluer and your hair gets blonder each month. You are strong willed and opinionated. You are definitely going to keep us on our toes! We love you so precious girl!


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4th of July outfits

Monday, June 18, 2018

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We were so busy this weekend and packed so much into 3 days. Friday my best friend was in town from Charlotte so we went to dinner with her family. Saturday I was on call and Sunday we went to my in-laws to surprise my FIL for Father's Day. We had the best day and I managed to take zero pictures.


All you girl mamas out there, listen up! Since I have no fun weekend pictures for you, I am rounding up my favorite 4th of July outfits for little girls. With 4th of July right around the corner (HOW is that possible?!), it's time to start shopping! I love any excuse to put Vivi in a festive outfit and this holiday is no exception. We are so very thankful for the brave men and women who serve our country so that we can live in freedom and freely express our love for the red, white and blue.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 

1. You cannot beat the $10 price tag for this red and white stars swing dress. It also comes in navy!

2. How festive is this flag swimsuit?!

3. Snag this patriotic dress now while it's on sale!

4. This plaid ruffle dress could be dressed up with Sun Sans or down with baby converse.

5. This light blue smocked American flag dress just yells Southern. I couldn't love it more if I tried!

6. This striped knit dress is casual but cute. Your little one could get so much wear out of this.

7. This red and white gingham swimsuit is patriotic but she can wear it all summer, best of both worlds!

8. This navy and red ribbon diaper set is precious and can be worn all summer long. Add a monogram to make it extra adorable!

9. This smocked flag short set is what Vivi will be wearing this year!

10. This gingham ruffle tank and legging set would be precious for older toddler girls.

11. I would pair this red and white gingham dress with a navy bow and navy Sun Sans!

Any 4th of July plans this year?! Will your little ones be dressing festive?!

Key West June 2018!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy almost weekend friends! Today I am coming at you with a picture overload and a recap of our Key West trip! I've mentioned before that my dad has a vacation home in Key West so we are super lucky that we get to visit the island a few times a year. My dad goes almost every other weekend and he doesn't understand how we can't just pick up and go... hello life with babies!

Anyways, we left after work Thursday and arrived just in time to put Vivi down for bed. She slept in a pack n play in our room and did so much better this time than she did last time. She thought it was hilarious when she woke up in the morning and we were in there with her, she would point and laugh and clap until we got her up.

Friday morning we were up early to make a grocery store run and ride around the island. My dad has a golf cart there which is SO much fun to ride around in. We pack in and the kids love chasing the chickens that are all over the island.

After Vivi's morning nap we loaded up and went out on the boat. We went to the sand bar at Snipes Key which was so fun and perfect for the kids. There is a huge sand bar that was covered in just a few inches of water. Vivi ran all around digging and looking for shells. We packed sandwiches for lunch and had a picnic on the boat. On the way back in Vivi fell asleep on me which neverrrr happens. Girl wore herself out!

We made in home in time for afternoon naps for the kids while the grown ups enjoyed quiet time by the pool with books and drinks and music.

For dinner we went to Conch Republic where the food is average but it's perfect for kids because it's outside right on the marina so they can run around and feed the fish. After dinner we rode around in the golf cart, visited the southernmost point buoy and of course we got ice cream.

Saturday morning we went to our very favorite restaurant on the island: Blue Heaven. A Key West landmark and you absolutely cannot visit the island without dining here. I always get the eggs benedict but the omelets and pancakes are delicious and the key lime pie is the best on the island in my opinion.

After breakfast we spent the morning at the splash pad that was recently built on the island. It is super nice and Vivi absolutely loved it! The perfect way to tire them out and cool off in the heat.

The rest of the day we hung out at the house swimming in the pool. Saturday late afternoon we packed up appetizers and went out on the boat for a sunset cruise and about 10 minutes into our ride the weather radar showed a major storm headed straight for us. Unfortunately we had to turn around and head back to the marina which ended up being for the best because it was a major storm that lasted the rest of the night.

Sunday morning we woke up to sunshine thankfully! We packed up and headed back on the boat and anchored on a small island. We were the only people there and it was so fun to explore and have a picnic there for lunch.

We had so much fun jumping off the boat in the middle of the ocean. The water is crystal blue and you can see all the way to the bottom. The kids were so amazed by the cruise ships that were constantly coming in and out of the port. I still don't understand how those things float ha!

Sunday night we made our 24th trip to the candy store then walked around and popped into a few bars before dinner. After dinner we went to Mallory Square for the sunset party to watch the street performers which the kids always love.

We were spoiled with a beautiful sunset on our last night. Well worth Vivi staying up 2 hours past her bedtime! As always, we had a blast and can't wait to go again!


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