Love Story

It started in 2008. I was still in high school and one of my best friends went to UNC Chapel Hill. She was dating a baseball player. Her and I joked about the "hott, tall, blonde pitcher" that was teammates with her boyfriend. His name was Garrett Davis. She would randomly text me, "Guess who I just saw on campus... GARRETT DAVIS, your future boyfriend".

This went on for a year [yes, stalker status] until he messaged me on Facebook and we struck up a conversation. A few months went by without talking until I got a text from him 2 weeks before I was moving to Chapel Hill to begin college. "Can I take you on a date the day you move in?" I told my mom I didn't want to. Why would I want to go on an awkward dinner date with a guy I'd most likely never talk to again? He was a division I college baseball player [we all know their reputation]. She made me. "It will be good to meet new people!", she said. So I went.

It was the best first date ever. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I thought for sure that he was too good to be true and that he would never be interested in me. 10 minutes after he dropped me back off at my dorm he asked if he could take me to a movie the next night. I happily agreed.


  1. The sweetest story! I still remember that date! xo

  2. What a beautiful couple!! I LOVE your dress in the last picture - amazing!

  3. Great picture!! Love Love stories!!! So glad I disovered your blog from Stephanie Spring's blog!!!


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