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Monday, March 23, 2020

As a first time mom, you never really know what products you truly need. You end up buying way too many things and then routinely use a small handful of them. When I found out I was having twins I knew I'd need a few "extra" things that I didn't have with my first. Thankfully one of my best friends was already a twin mama and she recommended the twin essentials. 

Some of these products are twin specific and the others would be useful for a singleton. After 3 kids these are my tried and true products that I would choose over and over again. The only two things I did not add to this post were mamaroos and DocATots, neither of which we had with Vivian but were loaned them from a friend for the twins and they saved my life!

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This bouncy seat is only $32 and was my babies' absolute favorite. With Vivian we had a different bouncy seat but it did not have the activity bar right in front of her so she lost interest quickly. My babies were so content in this seat for long periods of time.

This Freshly Picked diaper bag is life changing. With Vivian I had a beautiful Tory Burch cross body diaper bag and it.was.awful. Every time I leaned forward the bag would swing in front of me and get all in the way. Lots of people recommended this bag and they were spot on. It is very specious and allows me to pack all the things for all 3 kids. Biggest mistake I made with my first was not having a backpack style diaper bag.

The Uppa Baby Vista stroller is worth every penny. Thankfully we got it with our first because we were hopeful that we would be adding more kiddos to our family in the future. I did not realize how quickly we would multiply and thankfully we already had this double stroller. We used the heck out of the bassinets and now we are using the rumble seats but you can also just clip their infant carseats directly into the stroller as well. It is so easy to fold and unfold, lightweight and pushes like a dream. Highly recommend.

The Twin Z pillow is the one twin product that is a nonnegotiable in my opinion. Can be used for breastfeeding, if you plan to go that route, or just to prop the babies on for bottles. My babies are 14 months old and we still use this pillow every day for every bottle. It is basically a boppy pillow for twins.

This sound machine is portable, gets super loud, and is the best sound machine I have found. A good sound machine is the key to a good sleeping baby.

I call this my "baby cage". Didn't have anything like this with Vivian because she never crawled but now that the twins are on the move it is so important that I have somewhere safe to contain them while I run to the bathroom or take 5 minutes to get ready. I also plan to use this all summer on the beach so they aren't crawling around on the sand.

This pack n' play was also recommended to me by my twin mama friend. We put this twin nursery center on top and this is what our babies slept in beside our bed for months. It also served as our downstairs changing station.

This Infant Optics monitor is 100x better than the Motorola one we had with our first. We bought an extra camera so that both babies have a camera on their crib and the screen can toggle between the two cameras.


What are your favorite baby products? Were there any products you splurged on but in hindsight could have done without?

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  1. Great tips! Yes to the bouncy seat, the white noise machine, the uppa baby stroller, and the pack and play! Those were my favorites too. One of my favorites ended up being the highly not recommended Fisher Price rocker. We had one of the higher end “4Moms” swing and she did not enjoy it. I think the rocker hugged her better and made her feel more at peace. Another favorite I couldn’t live without, the “Bright Stars: 3 in 1, Around We Go”. Omg, that thing is a life saver! Our baby girl did not want to be put down, but this allowed her to stay mobile and provided me some much needed time to get things done around the house. At 9 months, we removed the seat and now the table stands independently and she pulls up on it and plays the piano.


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