Weekend review!

Monday, January 22, 2018

What was originally a weekend with no plans turned into a pretty busy and fun weekend! Friday we laid low with takeout and a Dateline. I was fast asleep by 9:30pm... bliss!

Friday night our cousin proposed to his longtime girlfriend, finally! Garrett and Grant grew up right across the street from each other so they are more like brothers than cousins. Lauren has been a part of our family for a long time but we are SO excited to make it official! Saturday we drove an hour for a surprise party for them and it was such a sweet time of celebration.

A few of my best friends were in town so we drove straight from the engagement party to dinner with my friends and our husbands/boyfriends. We had yummy cocktails, appetizers and laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I have been friends with these girls since preschool and even though we don't see each other as much as we'd like, it's like nothing has changed when we get together.

 Sunday I was on call so I had to head into work at 6:30am for a trauma surgery. I spent a few hours at the hospital while Vivi and her daddy played. It was such a gorgeous day that we went on two long walks then had family night at my mom's house for dinner.

Future PA in training... already trying to answer my pager for me ;) Happy Monday friends!

Four on Friday!

Friday, January 19, 2018

[O N E]
My sister celebrated her 30th birthday a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to post pictures. My brother-in-law planned the sweetest surprise party for her. There were drinks and appetizers and she was SO surprised... it was the best time!

[T W O]
Major brownie points for my husband for surprising me with a new hair dryer for Christmas... it's the little things! I think he was sick of hearing me complain about my ancient hair dryer that I've had since high school and how long it takes me to dry my lion's mane hair. This Solano hair dryer is amazing and takes me half the time to dry my hair as my old one did.
[T H R E E]
Since the New Year I have been purging all the things. I am just itching to clean and organize every aspect of our house from the closets to the pantry to the attic. I felt like my bedside table was so cluttered and I was ready for it to look clean and simplified. I spent nap time sorting through the million books, ultrasound pictures, cards, notes, chargers and cords that were stuffed in it. Isn't it crazy how such a small project can make the biggest difference?! A clean and organized bedside table makes me feel so much more relaxed when I hop in bed every night.

[F O U R]
I am officially registered for the 10 week Give Grace bible study. The owner of Scarlet & Gold, Megan Smalley, created this business in her 3.5 year battle with infertility to help those going through the IVF process. Now that she has twin boys through IVF she has closed her retail store to focus on being a mom but she is hosting a 10 week bible study about waiting on God, grief, shame, identity, grace, hope, relationships and everything in between. Would you join me in participating?! I'd love for a group of us to participate together and discuss what we learn weekly! It's $35 and you can register here.

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Our trip to Grand Cayman

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Thursday! I have some exciting news today... I am joining Annie and Natalie as a new co-host for Thoughts for Thursday! I am so flattered to be cohosting this weekly link-up every Thursday with two of my very favorite bloggers and mommas. I have been following these ladies for years and even though we have never met IRL, I feel like we are friends which is my very favorite part about blogging!


We are back from our week spent at Grand Cayman and it was perfect. My entire family went so it was chaos in the best way. It was low key and relaxing... well, as relaxing as a vacation with 3 kids can possibly be ;) Vivi is a total beach bum like her mama! She was caught multiple times shoveling handfuls of sand in her mouth at lightening speed. I swear she would live in the ocean or pool if you let her. She is fearless and loves dunking her face underwater, crazy girl.

Grand Cayman is a very small island, approximately 20 miles from one end to the other. If you are looking for a wild and crazy night life, this is not the place for you. It is a quiet island with the most beautiful, crystal clear water you've ever seen and soft, white sand. There are usually no waves which makes it perfect for kids to swim. Of all the beaches I have been to, Grand Cayman is the prettiest!

We have been to Grand Cayman multiple times and we always stay at the same place. This time since we had so many people we rented 2 condos right beside each other. They were on the ground floor, about 15 steps from the beach. SO convenient for the kids and easy to check on them during nap time.

We took full advantage of Vivi's nap times. We would put her to bed in the condo then lock the doors and check on her every 20ish minutes. You could find my butt parked in a beach chair with drink in one hand and book in the other.

I had so many questions about my bathing suit. You can find it here for only $24!

Vivi's straw hat | bathing suit Old Navy but sold out

We got a babysitter one night and went out to dinner which was so much fun. There was live music and lots of pineapple martinis. I had lobster bisque and a penne pasta with fresh seafood and both were sooo delicious. The other 5 nights we cooked dinner at the condos and stayed in. Like I said, it was a super laid back trip!

Picture overload! A week with all my favorite people spent eating, drinking, swimming, and relaxing with the most beautiful backdrop ever. Check back next week for recommendations on where to stay, where to eat and things to do when visiting Grand Cayman!

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Saving Christmas cards

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Monday friends! We are home from our trip (recap coming later this week!) and finally unpacked and back in the swing of things. We spent all weekend unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping and I worked some on Sunday. We did have friends over for dinner Saturday night which was fun and Vivi took her first steps on Sunday! Overall it was a very low key weekend getting organized and ready for the week ahead.


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting cards in the mail. I usually keep them displayed until well into January. Every year I save them and it is so fun to look back on them from years past. Here's how I save mine... it's so simple!

1) Punch a hole in the top left corner of every card
2) Thread them all together with a festive ribbon
3) Ta-da! That's it!

 How long do you keep your Christmas cards displayed? How do you save them?

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Vivian Kate | 10 months

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I am way behind posting your 10 month update and thought about skipping it, but I don't want to forget a single thing about you so here it is just so I can look back and remember you at 10 months! It was such a fun month prepping for Christmas. You are changing and exploring and you are so busy! We love you!

You are consistently sleeping 11 hours at night, hallelujah! You have a very strict bedtime routine and you do NOT like when it gets messed up. You get a bath around 6pm, we read books then bottle and rock at 7pm and into your crib. You love getting in your crib for bed at night. If we try to keep you up any later than 7pm you are not happy. You are definitely a creature of habit and love your routine... you get that from me!

You also have a pretty consistent nap schedule. You sleep from 7pm-6am then go down for your morning nap around 8:45am and sleep until usually 10am. Then you go down for your afternoon nap around 1:30pm and typically sleep until 3:30pm. We have made great strides in the sleep department thankfully.

You loooove to eat. You get it honestly from both me and your daddy. You still get four 5oz bottles a day and have 3 meals a day. You absolutely love feeding yourself and your very favorites are blueberries, raspberries, ham, turkey, string cheese, avocado, yogurt and sweet potatoes. You are a little unsure about scrambled eggs but we will keep trying. I'm still making pureed fruits and veggies and giving you a little at each meal because it's much easier to fill you up that way. You love pureed butternut squash and carrots.

You are mostly in 12-18m clothes right now. I'm ready for spring and summer clothes so I can get you back into adorable bubbles and look at those chunky thighs!

Eating, going on walks, being outside, bath time, drinking water out of your sippy cup, Bella (she doesn't really like you back), walking around the entire house while holding onto our fingers, getting into things you shouldn't (papers, mail, cords), your cousin Ella James.

Getting dressed, riding in the car for long periods of time, being bored (diva), sitting still.

Milestones and Memories
You started standing by yourself this month! You have a push walker like this that you love to walk around with. You are TOO brave... you let go and can balance on your own but you think you can walk and you can't! You can take 2-3 steps then you fall straight forward so we have to be right beside you. Your third bottom tooth popped through the skin so you now have 3 teeth on the bottom. You loved our Christmas tree and you would smile so big every morning when we walked into the living room and it was lit up. You had spaghetti for the first time and you were a huge fan (I think you inherited my love for carbs). You met Santa for the first time and didn't know what to think. You showed no emotion... no smiles or tears, just stared a hole through him. December was so much fun prepping for Christmas with you! Already looking forward to next Christmas when you "get" it more!

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