Vivian Kate | 10 months

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I am way behind posting your 10 month update and thought about skipping it, but I don't want to forget a single thing about you so here it is just so I can look back and remember you at 10 months! It was such a fun month prepping for Christmas. You are changing and exploring and you are so busy! We love you!

You are consistently sleeping 11 hours at night, hallelujah! You have a very strict bedtime routine and you do NOT like when it gets messed up. You get a bath around 6pm, we read books then bottle and rock at 7pm and into your crib. You love getting in your crib for bed at night. If we try to keep you up any later than 7pm you are not happy. You are definitely a creature of habit and love your routine... you get that from me!

You also have a pretty consistent nap schedule. You sleep from 7pm-6am then go down for your morning nap around 8:45am and sleep until usually 10am. Then you go down for your afternoon nap around 1:30pm and typically sleep until 3:30pm. We have made great strides in the sleep department thankfully.

You loooove to eat. You get it honestly from both me and your daddy. You still get four 5oz bottles a day and have 3 meals a day. You absolutely love feeding yourself and your very favorites are blueberries, raspberries, ham, turkey, string cheese, avocado, yogurt and sweet potatoes. You are a little unsure about scrambled eggs but we will keep trying. I'm still making pureed fruits and veggies and giving you a little at each meal because it's much easier to fill you up that way. You love pureed butternut squash and carrots.

You are mostly in 12-18m clothes right now. I'm ready for spring and summer clothes so I can get you back into adorable bubbles and look at those chunky thighs!

Eating, going on walks, being outside, bath time, drinking water out of your sippy cup, Bella (she doesn't really like you back), walking around the entire house while holding onto our fingers, getting into things you shouldn't (papers, mail, cords), your cousin Ella James.

Getting dressed, riding in the car for long periods of time, being bored (diva), sitting still.

Milestones and Memories
You started standing by yourself this month! You have a push walker like this that you love to walk around with. You are TOO brave... you let go and can balance on your own but you think you can walk and you can't! You can take 2-3 steps then you fall straight forward so we have to be right beside you. Your third bottom tooth popped through the skin so you now have 3 teeth on the bottom. You loved our Christmas tree and you would smile so big every morning when we walked into the living room and it was lit up. You had spaghetti for the first time and you were a huge fan (I think you inherited my love for carbs). You met Santa for the first time and didn't know what to think. You showed no emotion... no smiles or tears, just stared a hole through him. December was so much fun prepping for Christmas with you! Already looking forward to next Christmas when you "get" it more!


  1. love you sweet girl! Can't believe how big she is! Such a big girl and doing so many fun things!

  2. Such a precious girl! Love the spaghetti picture! šŸ˜

  3. Month 10 sounds amazing!! What a wonderful time :)

  4. She's such a sweetie when she eats!! I bet she is just so much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Look at your angel baby! Give me all the pictures of her, can she be anymore gorgeous! I've been loving your stories of your vacation! It looks like you guys are having a blast.

  6. Omg that last picture is a total framer!! Can't believe it's been 10 months already. HOORAY for amazing sleep!!

  7. What a precious little baby!! She sounds like she is doing fabulous! Go momma! I agree- I'm ready for summer also. She seems like she is rocking the sleep schedule. Did you use Moms On Call, something else or just kind of do your own thing in the beginning when trying to get her on a schedule? I'm due in May and trying to be as prepared as I can be. (;


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