Pregnancy #2... some frequently asked questions!

Friday, November 2, 2018

I feel like it has been foreverrrr since I have blogged regularly. I have been feeling like pure crap so blogging has been the last thing on my mind but I sure have missed it! I have also missed connecting with everyone in this space so I am going to try to start blogging again regularly now that I'm somewhat coming out of the first trimester fog. I got lots of questions when we announced our pregnancy so I figured I'd answer them all in one post. If I missed anything leave a comment and I will answer!


1. Is this an IVF pregnancy?
Yes! We had an unsuccessful IVF attempt earlier this summer. About 5 weeks later we tried again and it worked! Full recap of our successful IVF attempt coming to the blog soon!

2. How many embryos did you transfer?
Only 1, it split! It was a 1 in 300 chance of this happening. SHOCKED is an understatement!

3. Are the twins identical?
Yes! It was one embryo that split which makes them identical.

4. Do we know the genders?
Nope! A lot of people assume that if you do IVF you know the gender already. This is only true if you do PGS testing (genetic testing of the embryos) before your embryo transfer. We did not do this with our embryos so we will not know the genders until our anatomy scan in a few weeks. Since they are identical they will either be both boys or girls.

5. Are you going to do a gender reveal?
We will do something small with just our families. Trying to think of something unique to do... if you have any ideas send them my way!

6. How have you been feeling?
So awful. It hit me right before 6 weeks. Severe nausea from the second I woke up to the time I went to bed. And the throwing up... ugh. I would literally just cry all day because I felt so awful but still had to function/go to work/take care of a toddler. So miserable! When we found out we were having twins it made sense why I was feeling so awful. Thankfully over the past week it has lessened some. Still super tired and throwing up occasionally but the nausea is more manageable. My doctor says she is not surprised because there are twice the hormones, meaning that it's common to feel twice as bad. With V I had nausea my first trimester but it was nothing like this.

7. Does Vivi know what's going on?
No she is too young. I will ask her how many babies are we having and she says "twoooo" and I can also say "whose tummy are the babies in?" and she will say "mama!" but that's only because we have said it so many times. It makes me sad when I think about how we are about to rock her world but I know there is no greater gift than a sibling(s). I think she is going to be so great with them!

8. Have you picked names yet?
No! I'm having such a hard time with this. It's hard enough choosing one name, two is impossible! I do have one girl name but that's it. Ahhh!

9. Will you continue to work once the babies are born?
Yes! I love my job and work gives me an outlet to feel productive and makes me a better mom when I'm home. I only work 3 days a week now so will continue this after the twins are born. Bless all the mommas that stay home with their kids, I was not made for that!

10. What are you most nervous/afraid of with twins?
This is such a stupid concern but I'm terrified of never sleeping again. V was such an awful sleeper that I am scarred for life. More long term worries are that Garrett and I will never be able to have date nights, travel, etc. alone because no one will be able to handle our circus. I am worried about the logistics of everything... how will I get 3 babies into and out of a car when we have somewhere to be? How will I go to Target alone? Answer: I won't. Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive and hands on husband and both of our families are close which is so great. We will be just fine, I just may not do anything for the next 2 years haha!


Things are about to get so crazy in the Davis home. Thank you Lord for these two blessings!

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