Pregnancy update: weeks 19-22

Thursday, November 3, 2016

How far along?
22 weeks

Size of baby?
A spaghetti squash

YES! All the time! Especially right when I get in bed at night. It's like clockwork... she starts going crazy and flipping all around. Garrett can feel her kicks and flips and we just love it. I am constantly pressing on my belly to feel her move.

Last weekend after I left the gym I had a really sharp pain in my lower abdomen on the right side. It came and went all day but kept me up throughout the night. I seriously thought I had appendicitis, it was so scary! The next morning I called the on call doctor and she said it sounded like a pulled muscle and that I needed to rest and take it easy for a few days. Sure enough it feels much better.

I've been having some indigestion but not too bad. Mainly if I eat something right before I get in bed at night. Also, I'm getting these awful spider veins on my thighs... glamorous. Luckily my dermatologist said she can laser them off down the road ;) Seriously though I'm not complaining about a thing! All of these changes my body is going through will be so worth it.

Sleeping decent thanks to my body pillow. I wake up usually twice a nice to pee. I'm usually a stomach sleeper which is out of the question at this point so that's been a hard adjustment.

A GIRL! Love her so much already!

Weight gain?
About 9 lbs.

Loving any and all food, seriously. My sweet tooth has been out of control lately. I'm always hungry but then I get full really quickly.

Maternity clothes?
Have only bought maternity jeans and just making due with the rest of my clothes. Work clothes have been the biggest struggle so far because I refuse to spend a lot of money on maternity dress pants so I have been a) wearing my pants unbuttoned at work or b) wearing scrubs. I have a feeling scrubs will be on constant rotation in a few weeks. Also, workout clothes are becoming a struggle. Not sure whether to attempt to pull the band on my leggings over my belly or fold it down. In desperate need of some maternity workout leggings!

So excited. Loves feeling her kick and calling her by name. He always checks on me and asks, "How are my girls doing?" Melt me. She is beyond lucky to have him as her dad.

We got our furniture!!! We got our crib, dresser, and bookshelf from Restoration Hardware and they delivered it at 9:30pm on Tuesday night. Wtf? I am usually in bed for at least an hour by that point. But I absolutely love it! That's all we have done and I am so overwhelmed by everything else. I don't even know where to start looking for crib bedding, curtains, wall décor, etc. I am seriously considering just paying someone to decorate the entire room for me haha

Best part of the week?
We have a regular check-up at our OB today. Praying that everything goes great! Every week we reach is a huge milestone to me.

Looking forward to?
Being pregnant at Thanksgiving because I get to wear stretchy pants and eat for two! We have so many fun things in the next two months. Headed to Charlotte next weekend to stay with my best friend and go to a Panthers game, a girls weekend at the lake the weekend after that, then Thanksgiving! Time is just flying by. This is my absolute favorite time of year and being pregnant makes it even better!


  1. Time really is flying by, but you look great girl! Good to know that the maternity jeans are getting you through. So far I'm working with one pair of jeans that I don't need the belly band for, but otherwise it's belly band allllllll the way! haha. Yes to Thanksgiving and all of that yummy food!!!

  2. You are too cute! so sorry about having a pulled muscle that is the worst pain! How exciting to get your nursery furniture! I was so stressed about bedding and decor too. I ended up getting fabric from cloth barn in Goldsboro and having it made. Carousel designs online also has darling customizable nursery bedding/decor!

  3. OMG could you be any cuter!? I love your little bump and you are seriously glowing. I don't blame you for not wanting to buy new dress pants. If you can wear scrubs, go for it! And so excited to see your nursery reveal!

  4. You're so cute!! I know the nursery is going to turn out amazing!

  5. Awwww how are my girls doing? That's so sweet! So excited for you guys! & how fun to be pregnant at Thanksgivibg time! Haha!

  6. Look at that little bump!!! Let me know if you still want to meet up next weekend :)

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  7. For wall decor, just go with a mirror, some open bookshelves for books and a cute framed saying or flowers! Hope everything goes well at your appt today!

  8. What a teeny tiny super cute bump. You look amazing!

  9. That bump is too cute and you are looking great!! LOVE that your husbands asks "how are my girls doing?" seriously the sweetest thing. So fun being pregnant around your favorite time of the year! :)

  10. I just can't express how happy I am for you! You look SO CUTE!

  11. You are looking gorgeous with that bump! I'm glad all is going well and hoping for a great checkup today! Jess at Just Jess

  12. Yay for being over half way there!! So glad everything's going well :) I can't wait to see the furniture all in the room - it looked beautiful in the small glimpse in one of your snapchats :)

  13. Awe, so exciting! You need that band that looks like a piece of spanks so you can just slide it over your unbuttoned pants. I have friends who wore the band during their pregnancies instead of having to buy maternity pants. A couple pair of maternity leggings sound like the way to go though!

  14. You are looking good, mama!! I totally understand feeling like hiring someone to take care of it... it's so overwhelming... and 9:30 deliveries are for the birds!! Love how sweet your husband is to both of you girls!!

  15. AWwwww!!! God bless You both :)

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