Monday, September 8, 2014

This weekend hubs and I "babysat" our niece. My sister was in a wedding so her and my brother-in-law asked us if we wanted to keep Ella James... duh, is that even a question?? They live right beside us so I see her every day but keeping her all weekend was muuuch different. I am exhausted. 22-month-old toddlers are hard work people!!

Friday night started off with a trip to Moe's for dinner. Every Friday night they have a blow-up "bouncy house" so I promised her she could jump. The whole way there she said, "jump, jump!" Of course the line to order was out the door when we got there, so I nominated G to take her outside and let her jump while I ordered our food. Stood in line for 30 minutes, paid for our food, then realized I had forgotten to order something for Ella James [it's not everyday that I am ordering for 3 people]. Ugh, major aunt fail.

Then it was home for bath time. She had a diaper rash so she wailed the whole time in the bath, poor baby. I slathered Desitin on her cute hiney and it was time for reading and snuggles then bed. She was pooped, and so was I.

Saturday was for football, the park, playing in the backyard, and running errands. We had a blast at the park where she insisted on sliding 500 times. After dripping sweat for an hour it was time to fill up the baby pool in the backyard and have an adult bev. I picked up pumpkin beer this week and was not disappointed! If only if would have been a little cooler outside...

Sweet baby fell asleep on the way home from the park! We wore her out!

Hubs and I grilled wings and sipped our yummy drinks while Ella James played, and I had a vision of what our future will look like. Doing just that, watching our future babes run around in the backyard, and I love that vision. But for now we are enjoying just being aunt Owey and uncle Gaaat [Garrett].

Side note: Ella James chased Bella around all weekend saying, "Ride it! Ride it!" and attempting to get on her back. I had to explain numerous times that we ride horses, not dogs and to please not sit on my dog anymore all while trying to keep a straight face and not laugh.

Oh how I love that child. She brings me so much joy. And I never knew I could love someone so little, so much. I can't wait to have little babes of my own, but right now I enjoy sleep too much ;)

Oh hey Friday, home decorating edition!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Friday loves! As I have said many times before, furnishing a new house is EXPENSIVE! Since we moved into our new house right after we got married we have been purchasing furniture and decorating little by little. All summer I was itching to get curtains for our bedroom and dining room. We finally decided to pull the trigger on this costly project [hubs might not let me do anymore decorating for another year after that bill...]! 

Due to my lack of time we had a family friend interior decorator help with fabric choices. She gave me a few options and I chose the final product. Sooo I guess I can't take total credit for how great they look? I am so happy with how they turned out! They make our house look even more "complete" and "homey". Check out before and after pics:

Bedroom before [with a photo bomb by Bella]:

Bedroom after:

 Dining room before:

Dining room after:

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Weekending: Labor Day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

This long weekend was good for my soul! Here is my recap in pictures:

Last week we started class again. I was loving my new shirt from J Crew on the first day back! [necklace is also J Crew]

We ended the week with a surgery lab. We learned all about how to properly "scrub and gown" before going into the OR. It was so much fun! Except those face masks are awful... they make you hot and sweaty.

After class and work, hubs and I were finally beach bound. We started the weekend off with a birthday party for our furry child. Bella turned 3 on Friday! What would a birthday party be without birthday hats and presents and treats and candles? We love you Bella girl, you bring so much joy to our little family!

 Saturday and Sunday were full of sand and sun... and a little bit of college football! My UNC boys got their first W of the season... go heels!

 We found a new favorite spot at the beach. A popular pier near our beach house just added a bar to the very end of it. You are literally in the middle of the ocean with the most amazing breeze, drink in hand, and waves crashing... talk about perfect. We went there on Saturday AND Sunday for a mid-afternoon Painkiller and Corona!

 We enjoyed champagne on the beach during sunset while Bella swam.

 My niece had her first kiss...

Sunday night we went to our favorite restaurant one last time for the summer... City Kitchen. The food is fresh and so yummy and with this view you just can't go wrong.

Love my hubs so much!

And I will leave you with the most adorable picture ever seen. Walked onto the porch to find these two bff's having a moment together. The adventures of Ella James and Bella.

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