Monday, September 8, 2014

This weekend hubs and I "babysat" our niece. My sister was in a wedding so her and my brother-in-law asked us if we wanted to keep Ella James... duh, is that even a question?? They live right beside us so I see her every day but keeping her all weekend was muuuch different. I am exhausted. 22-month-old toddlers are hard work people!!

Friday night started off with a trip to Moe's for dinner. Every Friday night they have a blow-up "bouncy house" so I promised her she could jump. The whole way there she said, "jump, jump!" Of course the line to order was out the door when we got there, so I nominated G to take her outside and let her jump while I ordered our food. Stood in line for 30 minutes, paid for our food, then realized I had forgotten to order something for Ella James [it's not everyday that I am ordering for 3 people]. Ugh, major aunt fail.

Then it was home for bath time. She had a diaper rash so she wailed the whole time in the bath, poor baby. I slathered Desitin on her cute hiney and it was time for reading and snuggles then bed. She was pooped, and so was I.

Saturday was for football, the park, playing in the backyard, and running errands. We had a blast at the park where she insisted on sliding 500 times. After dripping sweat for an hour it was time to fill up the baby pool in the backyard and have an adult bev. I picked up pumpkin beer this week and was not disappointed! If only if would have been a little cooler outside...

Sweet baby fell asleep on the way home from the park! We wore her out!

Hubs and I grilled wings and sipped our yummy drinks while Ella James played, and I had a vision of what our future will look like. Doing just that, watching our future babes run around in the backyard, and I love that vision. But for now we are enjoying just being aunt Owey and uncle Gaaat [Garrett].

Side note: Ella James chased Bella around all weekend saying, "Ride it! Ride it!" and attempting to get on her back. I had to explain numerous times that we ride horses, not dogs and to please not sit on my dog anymore all while trying to keep a straight face and not laugh.

Oh how I love that child. She brings me so much joy. And I never knew I could love someone so little, so much. I can't wait to have little babes of my own, but right now I enjoy sleep too much ;)


  1. The RARE occasion I get the urge to have a baby, I end up drinking too much wine and sleeping in late. That's the moment I realize I'm no where near ready for motherhood. How was that pumpkin beer?? xo

  2. Oh my goodness, she is just the cutest thing ever. Such a good aunt!!

    xx 365hangers

  3. awww this is such a cute post!

  4. precious precious!! i LOVE her name!! and it is such a fun age, but i can't imagine spending a day jumping into it going from zero [in toddler speed measurement] to 100% haha!! it's probably much easier when your toddler has spend two years training you for the marathon that is toddlerhood. you are such a sweet aunt, and i bet she just adores you!!

  5. Ok first, I don't think Ella James could be ANYY cuter!! And secondly, this wings look soo yummy :) :)

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