True life: I'm addicted to Lululemon

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So it's time that I confess my addiction... to Lululemon. If you don't know what the heck that is, you must live under a rock [just kidding]. It's amazing, comfortable, stylish workout clothes. In college one of my good friends worked at Lulu and convinced me to buy a pair of their "Wunder Under" crop pants for our cycle classes. After I looked at the price and passed out convinced myself that they would be worth it, I took the plunge. Yes, $82 is quite ridiculous for a pair of workout pants, but THEY ARE AMAZING. Once you go Lulu you never to back.

After my pants purchase, I was hooked. I bought a tank and fell in love. Then jacket, headband, more tanks, more pants, and my wallet wanted to kill me. I justify my purchases by telling myself that having cute clothes to wear to the gym will make me more likely to actually go! And it's true... I get excited to workout.

 The pants on the left are the "Wunder Under Crops in cotton" which I basically live in. They are so soft, and perfect to throw on when lounging around the house or even to go run errands. The pants on the right are the "Wunder Under in Luon" which is more of a spandex-ish material. These are great to workout in. They fit tighter than the cotton crops. Aaand they have a cute, colorful band around the waist!

I am obsessed with headbands. I have NEVER worked out without one. My hair is naturally curly and it drives me NUTS to feel "fly aways" on my face when I'm hot and sweaty. The headband on the left is the "Fly Away Tamer" and it is amazing because it has silicon grips in the inside so it doesn't constantly slide off your head. The headband on the right is the "Bang Buster" and it is much wider and reversible! I usually wear mine slightly over my forehead and love the way it keeps all the hair out of my face.

This tank is called the "Scoop Neck Tank" and has a built-in bra. I know what you're thinking... "built in bras don't work" but THIS ONE DOES! You feel totally supported AND it comes in so many pretty colors!

This tank is the "Cool Racerback". This one doesn't have a built-in bra. My favorite thing about this tank is how long it is. I HATE shirts that are short; I feel like I am constantly pulling them down. This tank covers my large booty so I don't feel weird during my workouts.

This short-sleeved shirt is the "Run: Swiftly Tech" and it's perfect for throwing over a tank. If I have to run errands before the gym or have to go somewhere right after, I throw this comfortable tee over my tank top. It also comes in so many cute colors!

Here are a few pics of how I wear my headbands:

Sooo have I convinced you to spice up your workout wardrobe yet?! 

Weekend recap!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!! I sure am sad to see this weekend go. It was glorious.

Got to the beach Friday and went straight to dad's beach house for dinner and drinks. This view= my Heaven.

I mean really... holy cow the cutest

My Bella girl was mighty brave this weekend! She LOOOOVES the water and when there aren't many waves she's even happier. [look how clear the water was! gorgeous!]

The ocean was perfect for paddle boarding. Hubs and I took the boards out and I realized this is the one thing in life that I am better at than him. He fell off about 52 times while I attempted not to fall while laughing at him.

Ended the weekend with a gym date with husband, grilling out with sis, brother-in-law, and sweetie pie niece, filling my house with these beauties, and THE BACHELORETTE [total guilty pleasure]!!!

Please say I'm not the only one who will be watching tonight?!?

Five on Friday!

Friday, May 23, 2014

My doggy and niece were playing in the sprinkler yesterday and I decided to video them because her laugh was SO adorable... little did I know I would capture this hilarious video that I have watched 100 times already. [No she was not hurt... she stood up, brushed her hands off, and said "uh oh!"]

Beach bound when hubs gets off work for a 3 day weekend. My heart is happy!

Dying for a these things from my fav store, Vestique. Basically the only store I shop from. 2 of my gorgeous friends started Vestique as an online-only store 3 years ago and have since expanded it and now have 5 locations! But you can still shop online and you usually get the clothes the next day. I made one of the first purchases from their online store and have watched it grow... so proud of Morgan and Caroline! Lucky for us, they are having a 15% off sale all weekend using code: MEMORIAL15

Happy bach weekend to my pretty friend Meghan! She is headed to my favorite city of all, Charleston, and I couldn't be more jealous! So happy the blog world has re-connected us!

I started my day off with this... no words needed.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baseball has been a huge part of my life for the past 5 years. My husband played at UNC Chapel Hill, his first cousin Rob played at UNC Chapel Hill, and their cousin Grant played at NC State. So I have attended maaaaany games. Our cousin Rob now plays for the Milwaukee Brewers. A lot of people Everyone thinks that when a baseball player gets drafted out of college they automatically start making millions and are playing on tv. This couldn't be further from the truth. They go straight to the minor leagues and make $1,200 A MONTH and eat pb&j sandwiches for almost every meal.

In the minor leagues you have to make it through rookie, low A, high A, AA, AAA, THEN to the big leagues (if you are one of the few that make it that far). Rob went through all these levels and was officially called up to the big leagues for the Brewers last season! Needless to say, our whole family is incredibly proud of him (and huge Brewers fans now!).

Rob is the closest thing to a brother that my husband has. They grew up right beside each other [even shared the same driveway], played baseball together their entire lives [even college], were best men in each other's weddings. We are going to the Brewers v. Nationals series in DC in July and we couldn't be more excited to watch him play! Unfortunately we haven't been able to make the trek to Milwaukee yet [thanks school] but hopefully in the near future.

Whether you're a baseball fan or not, if you see the brewers on tv and #47 is pitching, cheer loud!

Rob and his wife, Katie, had an adorable baby in August. Love my sweet niece!

 Our trip to the Cayman Islands 2 years ago... best trip ever! Take me back!

Go Rob, Go Brewers! We love you!

Wedding Weekend Part III: Old, new, borrowed, blue

Monday, May 19, 2014

I began thinking about my "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" soon after getting engaged. 

My 'something old' was a gorgeous white linen handkerchief of my Mama's [my mom's mom] who died when I was 11. It was even monogrammed with her initials which made it even more special. My amazing bouquet of white peonies was wrapped in it. I miss her everyday so I knew I wanted some part of her there with me on my wedding day.

My 'something new' was my dress. New and amazing.

I knew my 'something borrowed' would be my sister's wedding veil. She wore a plain cathedral length veil, which is exactly what I wanted. When we got it out of the closet my heart sunk-- it had a huge rip down the middle. SO SAD. We took it to my next dress fitting to see if there was anything they could do, but the rip was so close to the middle that the veil would end up being not gathered at all at the top after they fixed it. So, it was a no-go.

My 'something borrowed' ended up being a gorgeous diamond bracelet of my mom's. Vintage, dainty, and timeless. I tried to keep it after the wedding... she didn't agree.
Sadly, I didn't get a great picture of it. But you can see it in this hilarious pic with my niece-- too interested in the photographer to give her Owey a kiss.

My 'something blue' was my shoes. They were Badgley Mischka and matched my belt. I knew from the beginning that I wanted blue shoes, and that they had to be Carolina blue. Hubs loved that about them ;)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Weekend recap

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This weekend was full of:
Pain-killers [the cocktail... holy delish]
Swimming pup in the ocean and sound
Feet in the sand
Sleeping in
Coffee on the porch
Pasta with fresh shrimp and scallops
Homemade icecream

Reality PA school starts back tomorrow after an amazing week and a half break. I got to catch up on sleep, family time, love on my hubs, beach, reading good books, amazing food. Already counting the days [76 to be exact] until summer semester is over and I have a short break before fall semester.

My MIL is clearly ready for grandkids... she's gonna have to wait ;)

Five on Friday!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone had a great week! Hubs and I are heading back to the beach with his parents for the weekend. Can't wait to spend quality time with my in-laws!

I scored these 2 amazing lamps at Home Goods [my favorite] yesterday! I had been eyeing crystal lamps at Pottery Barn that were $250 each [yikes] but knew I could find them cheaper. Found them yesterday for $100 each and I love how they look in our dining room! Aaaand hubs is so proud of me for saving so much money ;)

Date night at the beach started off with drinks on the water. Perfection.

I mean really, she is my favorite furry person. How adorable is this? My girl loves the beach!

Mom and I got pedicures this week. It was much needed. I could honestly pay someone to massage my legs all day. I chose a fun blue, I get tired of pinks and reds all summer. [and NO that is NOT a baby bump, it's the wind I swear]

Thursday night hubs and I cooked dinner and hung out at home. This was literally like the 2nd time we have been able to do this since we got married [yes, 5 months ago]. I am always studying or he's traveling for work, so lazy nights at home together are few and far between.

flowers make my heart happy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If I had my way [and my wallet allowed] my house would be full of fresh flowers 365 days a year. Peonies, preferably. Fresh flowers make a house feel so homey. In my dream house, my yard would be filled with hydrangeas, peonies, garden roses, and any other pretty flower that I could walk outside and cut whenever my heart desired. Hubs' wallet would be much happier with them being free ;)

We live right beside a Fresh Market and they usually have amazing fresh flowers. I go about once every two weeks and fill a few vases with flowers. Makes me so happy! Today I went and they had pink peonies... I died. I would have bought them all if we weren't heading out of town this weekend.

This is what my dream home would look like [sigh... maybe one day]:

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