Furniture make-over!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Right when we moved into our new house mom asked us if we would be interested in HER mom's old dining room table and chairs. Of course I would be! My Mama died when I was 11 and I miss her every day, so to have something of hers in my house would be so special. We went to Tarboro and picked up the table and chairs. They were old and beautiful... but needed some lovin'. The table was covered in scratches and the chair fabric was dirty and outdated. Here are the before pics:

We found the fabric at Printer's Alley in Raleigh. I wish I could take credit for the amazing re-finishing job, but I am a PA student, I don't have much any free time. Husband offered to do it, but I really didn't want his first time refinishing something to be on such a special piece of furniture in case something went wrong. So we paid someone. And boy am I glad we did!

Our dining room feels so much more "homey". Still have a lot of work but I think this is my new favorite part of our new house. I see a piece of my Mama every time I walk in the door.



  1. They turned out so well! I have my great-great grandmother's table in our kitchen and I love it. My mom and dad had it refinished when they inherited it. xo

  2. WOW!! Girlfriend - the table turned out gorgeous!!! What an awesome piece! xo


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