Weekend recap

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This weekend was full of:
Pain-killers [the cocktail... holy delish]
Swimming pup in the ocean and sound
Feet in the sand
Sleeping in
Coffee on the porch
Pasta with fresh shrimp and scallops
Homemade icecream

Reality PA school starts back tomorrow after an amazing week and a half break. I got to catch up on sleep, family time, love on my hubs, beach, reading good books, amazing food. Already counting the days [76 to be exact] until summer semester is over and I have a short break before fall semester.

My MIL is clearly ready for grandkids... she's gonna have to wait ;)


  1. Owen! I'm so happy you were able to relax. But I need your help! I need a dress for dinner at the MacIntosh in Charleston for this weekend. Advice? Suggestions? xo

    1. Have you looked on Vestique recently? They have some AMAZE dresses right now. Dying over this one: http://www.vestique.com/banana-boat.html it would look gorgeous on you with your dark hair and skinny legs! And gold or hot pink jewelry... I die! Anthro always has the best dresses but I guess you are pushed for time?! Try Uniquities at Cameron Village

    2. This is also one of my favs right now: http://www.vestique.com/mad-about-hue-dress.html


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