True life: I'm addicted to Lululemon

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So it's time that I confess my addiction... to Lululemon. If you don't know what the heck that is, you must live under a rock [just kidding]. It's amazing, comfortable, stylish workout clothes. In college one of my good friends worked at Lulu and convinced me to buy a pair of their "Wunder Under" crop pants for our cycle classes. After I looked at the price and passed out convinced myself that they would be worth it, I took the plunge. Yes, $82 is quite ridiculous for a pair of workout pants, but THEY ARE AMAZING. Once you go Lulu you never to back.

After my pants purchase, I was hooked. I bought a tank and fell in love. Then jacket, headband, more tanks, more pants, and my wallet wanted to kill me. I justify my purchases by telling myself that having cute clothes to wear to the gym will make me more likely to actually go! And it's true... I get excited to workout.

 The pants on the left are the "Wunder Under Crops in cotton" which I basically live in. They are so soft, and perfect to throw on when lounging around the house or even to go run errands. The pants on the right are the "Wunder Under in Luon" which is more of a spandex-ish material. These are great to workout in. They fit tighter than the cotton crops. Aaand they have a cute, colorful band around the waist!

I am obsessed with headbands. I have NEVER worked out without one. My hair is naturally curly and it drives me NUTS to feel "fly aways" on my face when I'm hot and sweaty. The headband on the left is the "Fly Away Tamer" and it is amazing because it has silicon grips in the inside so it doesn't constantly slide off your head. The headband on the right is the "Bang Buster" and it is much wider and reversible! I usually wear mine slightly over my forehead and love the way it keeps all the hair out of my face.

This tank is called the "Scoop Neck Tank" and has a built-in bra. I know what you're thinking... "built in bras don't work" but THIS ONE DOES! You feel totally supported AND it comes in so many pretty colors!

This tank is the "Cool Racerback". This one doesn't have a built-in bra. My favorite thing about this tank is how long it is. I HATE shirts that are short; I feel like I am constantly pulling them down. This tank covers my large booty so I don't feel weird during my workouts.

This short-sleeved shirt is the "Run: Swiftly Tech" and it's perfect for throwing over a tank. If I have to run errands before the gym or have to go somewhere right after, I throw this comfortable tee over my tank top. It also comes in so many cute colors!

Here are a few pics of how I wear my headbands:

Sooo have I convinced you to spice up your workout wardrobe yet?! 


  1. OMG I am the same way about headbands! I CANNOT and won't run without one! I have a few from American Apparel and they are snug and don't budge -- I may just have to try one from Lululemon!

  2. I wish I could run in a headband, but my head it too darn small and they slide right off. I do LOVE Lulu. Their wonder unders are my go-tos. I usually don't wear them to run in, just to go run errands! :) xo

  3. oh gosh, i knoooow people so love their lulu!! i have yet to drop the dollas on leggings there, but i bet they are so amazing!! i think my husband would laugh at me because i don't really work out! but i need them for everything else i do, right?!

    1. YESSS do itttt! they are so amaze. I have to make myself take them off to wash them, whoops :)

  4. Yeah I agree that Lulu clothing is very comfortable and stylish, especially their workout leggings. They are super flexible and allow free movements of body. We must feel good during workouts so that we can be free from irritations and Lulu lemon clothing is made to provide all these facilities for our workouts.


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