flowers make my heart happy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If I had my way [and my wallet allowed] my house would be full of fresh flowers 365 days a year. Peonies, preferably. Fresh flowers make a house feel so homey. In my dream house, my yard would be filled with hydrangeas, peonies, garden roses, and any other pretty flower that I could walk outside and cut whenever my heart desired. Hubs' wallet would be much happier with them being free ;)

We live right beside a Fresh Market and they usually have amazing fresh flowers. I go about once every two weeks and fill a few vases with flowers. Makes me so happy! Today I went and they had pink peonies... I died. I would have bought them all if we weren't heading out of town this weekend.

This is what my dream home would look like [sigh... maybe one day]:


  1. i would have my house and yard filled with flowers if i could!!


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