Monday, April 21, 2014

I am such a newbie at being "married". It has only been 4 months but holy cow, it's amazing. I want to share my 3 favorite things about marriage thus far!

1. Friendship. I haven't quite yet figured out why people say "the first year is the hardest". Nothing has been hard, or even slightly hard, except him traveling and us missing each other like crazy. Maybe we are just blessed that we haven't had any arguments or hardships yet, but I'd like to think that it is because we are best friends. I know married people say this a lot, but I have seen marriages where they truly are best friend versus some that they are just a husband and a wife in love without the friendship. Garrett is the 1 person I would choose to bring with me if I had to be stranded on an island without electricity, food, entertainment, etc :) We could spend a million hours together and never get tired of each other. We have fun together. We enjoy doing the same things. Our friendship is the foundation of our marriage.

2. A lifelong sleepover. It has been 4 months and every day I still get super excited when I remember we get to go to bed together! We went to the beach this past weekend with my family for the first time since being married, and I was so happy when I remembered we were MARRIED and that we got to share a bed, finally! We were super traditional before getting married, which makes sharing a bed/room/house/closet even more fun.

3. Wedding bands. I will never get tired of people seeing my wedding rings and asking about my husband/marriage. A lot of people see them and tell me I look too young to be married ;) It makes my heart giddy when I see my hubs with his wedding band on... it reminds me that he is MINE forever and ever!


  1. The wedding band is what I'm looking forward to the most! xo

  2. Love this!! You look incredible, fabulous pics/post! xoxo

  3. 100% with you on all three of these things!!! And girl, you were a STUNNING bride!! xo


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