Tuesday's "toast"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One day closer to the weekend! Happy Tuesday! Today I am "toasting" to the fact that I made a 92 on my ridiculous pharmacology exam this morning. And that's what makes staying home alone all weekend to study so worth it. Hard work pays off (most of the time)! And I will leave you guys with a hilarious mental image... We are learning how to do rectal/prostate/male genitalia physical exams this week. And on Thursday we have to actually do them on real "patients"... I am basically dreading this for obvious reasons. I even had a nightmare about it 2 nights ago. So, on Thursday as you are enjoying your afternoon, I will be sticking my finger in some rando man's hiney to feel his prostate. (Is this inappropriate to talk about? If so, sorry, but it's saving lives y'all!)

On a "lighter" note, some awesome, motivational words to help boost you through this week!


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