Vivian Kate | 11 months

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

You turned 11 months (last week) and I think second to newborn snuggles, this is my favorite stage so far. You are so full of personality and you have us cracking up all the time! You love your mommy and daddy and are going through some serious stranger anxiety (I apologize to our babysitter and the church nursery workers). I am in denial that we are planning your first birthday party. Time, please slow down!

Consistently sleeping 7pm-6am (praise!). Last week you went through a few nights of waking up and crying but I think it was because you were getting a cold and didn't feel great. Still taking 2 naps a day, usually from 9-10:30am and 1:30-3pm.

Girl loooves to eat. The only thing you do not like at all is scrambled eggs which is just crazy to me since we eat them every day. Your favorites are blueberries, raspberries, turkey, ham, bananas, oat muffin cups, yogurt, string cheese, sweet potatoes, carrots. Just in the past 2 weeks you have starting acting picky and will spit everything out until you realize you actually DOES like it (eye roll emoji). Still drinking 5oz of milk four times a day but would much rather eat real food.

Blowing kisses to anyone and everyone, waving, clapping, dancing whenever you hear any sort of song or music. You are officially into every cabinet and drawer and you could spend hours opening the kitchen cabinets. You love reading which makes me SO happy! You definitely didn't get that trait from your daddy ;) You love walking around and exploring all the things you aren't supposed to have. You are obsessed with the tv remote and can find it no matter where we hide it.

Being in the car for long periods of time, getting dressed, getting your diaper changed.

Milestones and Memories
There were a lot of milestones this month! You are officially walking!! Life is very different now because we can't take our eyes off you for one second. You are so much more content now that you can move and get where you want to go.

You celebrated your first Christmas and loved the Christmas trees and ornaments. You were more into the wrapping paper and ribbons than the actual presents this year. Christmas was so special and I know it will get better and better every year.

You got your first stamp in your passport on our trip to the Cayman Islands. This was your second trip via airplane but your first time out of the country.

Another big milestone is that your top 2 teeth are in. I die laughing at you daily when you give a huge grin and those two teeth are sticking out. It also makes me so sad because teeth make you look like a toddler and not a baby anymore. It's a good thing your granddad is an orthodontist because you have an underbite and a huge gap between your top two teeth. Hilarious!

You have the craziest, fluffiest hair. It cannot be tamed! We will put water in it and brush it down and 2 seconds later it's sticking right back up. We die laughing every time we go in your room in the mornings and after naps because your hair is impressively crazy.


  1. can't believe she's 11 months! Just as cute as can be. Such a big girl, cherish this last month before she turns ONE!!

  2. Such a sweet, pretty girl! Happy 11 Months, sweet girl! Cannot believe she's almost ONE!?!?!

  3. I can't believe she's almost a year already! So glad to hear she's sleeping so well and I love her fluffy hair, it's so cute!

  4. she is just the cutest thing ever. i love that she already has a passport stamp - world traveler here! happy 11 months to vivian!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. She is too cute!! Love all her little outfits & bows!

  6. How is she already 11 months old?! I will say that she is the CUTEST though!


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