Vivian Kate | 2 months

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

11lb 9 oz. She got her 2 month shots yesterday and it was absolutely heartbreaking. Poor girl was fussy and not interested in eating all day.

She is a pretty good sleeper at night, thank goodness. We typically feed her around 8pm then put her down and she will sleep until around 2am. We give her a bottle and put her back down and she is back up around 6:30am usually. She is mostly only waking up once a night but last week she had a cold and it threw her schedule all off. She started waking up 2-3 times a night again but I am hoping we are over that! During the day, that's a completely different story. She protests nap time unless she is being held. It is like pulling teeth to get her to sleep for 30 minutes during the day, it's awful! However, if I put her in her carseat and go somewhere in the car she will immediately fall asleep and stay asleep until she gets hungry. Any tips on getting babies to nap?! I can't get anything done at home because she insists on being held to nap!

She is eating 4oz every 3ish hours. If she's sleeping good sometimes it will stretch to 4 hours and sometimes it's closer to 2 hours.

She is wearing 3 month clothes now. A few weeks ago we were in a transition period where her 3 months clothes were swallowing her and her newborn clothes were too small. I had to go buy a few 0-3 month outfits just to get us through! She has SO many cute summer things that are 3-6 months that I can't wait for her to wear but I am not wishing the time away!

Being in her carseat, riding in the car, going on walks in her stroller, being held, bath time, being in the Solly wrap

Laying flat on her back, nap time, being hungry

In her second month of life Vivian experienced her first Easter at the beach. We had the best time! She even got her first visit from the Easter bunny and she didn't even care ;) She brought the UNC tarheels good luck and slept through watched her parents' alma mater win the 2017 National Championship! She met some of her cousins that live out of town. She started smiling and cooing and oh my gosh melt my heart into a puddle! Such a great month!


Vivian, you changed so much during your second month of life. You are starting to develop personality and you have a big one for that tiny body! You are stubborn and we call you a diva because you definitely know what you want and you get your way! Your smiles melt me and I love watching you grow and change every day. You have your dad wrapped around your finger and you are my little sidekick. We love you so!


  1. How is she 2 months already!? The time flies. I totally feel you on naps. Graham was like this and it was beyond frustrating for me. Many tears were shed by both of us. It will get better. She will learn to nap in her crib. Just stick with it. And if you have to snuggle her for the time being do it. I regret being so forceful with naps with graham but at the time my sanity needed it. Keep on with MOC and when she gets a bit older you will feel more comfortable with CIO for longer periods of time!

  2. Such a sweet girl! I'm getting ready to write my 4 month update for our Charlotte and was just thinking how it feels like just yesterday that we were seeing the same milestones with her as you are now with Vivian - time flies and it's so bittersweet! I have to ask - where are her sweet bows from? We have a whole collection that I've started building, but my southern mama heart is needing a bigger bow than the sweet Willow Crowns variety we regularly cycle through :)

  3. omg she is so adorable! i cant get over it. and i live for your snaps and stories and such. she's growing so much. keep all the photos and updates coming!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ugh, shots are the worst! And I also had a 'must be held' napper - it was so hard for a while there, and I honestly don't know if anything I did actually helped haha or if she just grew out of it. Hang in there!!!

  5. I have no advice since both my boys would only nap while held...but just know you're not alone and she will nap alone eventually :) she's adorable!!

  6. I love Vivian posts - she's precious!! The bows & outfits make me melt!!

  7. She is so stinking adorable, I mean seriously, too cute. Love that she sleeps well for you!

  8. How is she two months already?! She's beyond! My kids were movement sleepers too and the swing saved us for naps the first few months. We would put them in it and turn it on until they fell asleep then turn it off when they did. They weaned off of it quickly and easily!

  9. Oh my heavens that little doll baby in her absolutely precious outfits just made my morning! Cheers to 2 months Miss V! xo

  10. What a little doll she is. She is adorable.

  11. She is seriously the cutest!!! And she's so fashionable ;) Glad things are going well - minus the naps.. not fun. Happy 2 months Viv!

  12. I know you're so busy, but I'm expecting my first baby (a girl) and would love to know where her outfits are from in this post. I love all of them! She has the best style!

  13. Two months already?! How did that happen!! She is the most darling thing!

  14. oh that precious thing. i cannot believe she is real!!!!! she is absolutely perfect!! and oh, my firstborn baby girl did NOT nap on her own. ever. ever. ever. if she napped, it was on or with me. my floors were definitely filthy, and we were pretty much just glued together! i can't say it was easy, but now that she's an independent 4 going on 14, i very often miss those intimate times! xoxoxo

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