Dinosaur lovers unite!

Monday, February 10, 2020

If you have been following along for any time, you know my Vivian is a total dino lover! I really don't know how it started but I love it. You always see cute dinosaur boy things but it can be tricky to find cute dinosaur girl things. I've rounded up all our favorite dinosaur things below for all you other mamas with dino loving littles!

1 \ Dinosaur dress. The perfect play dress! And only $15!

2 \ Vivian got this dinosaur ball toy when she was a baby. Now her little sisters love playing with it.

3 \ For Vivian's birthday party I am putting these dinosaur fossils in a sandbox to make a "fossil digging" activity

4 \ These eggs come with chiseling toys and inside each egg is a different dinosaur!

5 \ Dinosaur suckers. We used these for Vivian's Valentines. 

6 \ We have these dinosaur water beads in our water table and she loves playing in them and finding the dinosaurs.

7 \ The cutest smoked dinosaur Jon Jon for little boys!

8 \ Vivian got this dinosaur matching game in her stocking for Christmas. She loves playing and learning the names of the different dinos.

9 \ The cutest pink dino pjs!

10 \ What kid doesn't love a fun dinosaur straw?!

11 \ You can never go wrong with smocked dresses!

12 \ These dinosaur figurines have the name stamped on their bellies. Vivian carries them all over the house and they are perfect for the bath.

13 \ Another adorable play dress for cheap


  1. I found you through April Robson and have followed your girls' story since they were in the NICU. They are amazing little ones.

    Another recommendation for your oldest as a dinosaur lover. A friend of mine from high school wrote a book for her dinosaur-loving daughter when she couldn't find a book about girls who like dinosaurs. I've pasted the link below.


  2. Cute dinosaur toy, maybe I can buy a copy for kids!


  3. So cute things, I can give my little niece as a gift! Thanks for share.

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