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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hey everyone! I have been slacking big-time lately on the whole blogging thing... woops! This summer has been busy so far. I am either studying for an exam, shadowing, studying for the GRE, working on my application, traveling to the beach, or chasing my dog around (sounds fun, right?).

Well, in the past 2 weeks I have spent a LOT of time on my "personal statement" for my PA school application. This is the last thing holding me back from pressing that "submit" button... so scary. I saved this for last because I figured it would be the easiest thing on the whole application, but boy was I wrong. As I sat down and started to gather my thoughts about what I wanted to tell those people reading my application, my mind went blank. Of course I know why I want to be a physician's assistant, but it was much harder to put into words than I thought. It really got me thinking... if you had to write one essay for someone to read about your life and your goals and your motivations, what would you say? My strategy: be honest, explain the love I have for medicine, describe the feeling I got the first time I "scrubbed in" and watched my first surgery in the OR, and hope for the best!

Happy Saturday! 

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