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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'M BAAAACK! Sorry to my poor blog... but I was off getting married, honeymooning, and being a newlywed (and trying to survive school). Posts on all these exciting things to come soon! For now, a few things I am loving/wanting!

Alex and Ani bracelet! I love these so much. They are perfect to wear every day to spice up any outfit. I want my hub's "Blue zircon" December birthstone because he is my favorite and, well, it's just a pretty color ;)

Since we just built a new house, we have been decorating little by little. We have SO FAR to go but it has come a long way. We have an interior designer coming next week to help us pick out fabric/rugs/accessories (I do NOT have an eye for this type of thing). Our bedroom is the 1 room that is almost 100% complete. All we are missing is a bookshelf. I want one mainly for picture frames and accessories/gadgets. Loving this one from Pottery Barn.

With spring right around the corner, I want to get furniture for our back deck ASAP! We have a big fenced-in backyard for Bella to run around and I foresee many nights spent on our deck grilling out. I am loving this couch from PB (surprise, surprise).

My cousin Rob plays baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers and one of his teammate's wives has a jewelry business on the side. Rob's wife, Katie, wears her bracelets all the time and every time I see her I say I am going to order some of them. Well I really am going to soon! I want a clear, black, turquoise, and maybe another funky color. Look her up on Facebook: Couture Jems

I am dying for a new pair of TB flats. I wear mine like no other. They are darn expensive but WORTH IT. I cannot find another brand that fits my foot like they do. Not to mention, they are classic and timeless. I have nude ones that I have worn so much that they barely stay on my foot when I walk. I am thinking these babies will be the next pair I splurge on.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love Alex and Ani bracelets, they're so cute! Also, the Caroline TB flats will be your new favorite pair! I got them last year and wear them almost every day!

  2. Our 6 year anniversary is coming up, and that means a SALE! We should have a fresh shipment of those lovely Camilla pink Caroline's in soon!


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