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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My sweet friend Meghan over at http://champagneandsuburbs.blogspot.com passed the torch to me to keep this Liebster Award survey going! Thanks, Meg!! The rules: post 11 facts about yourself then answer the questions that the person who nominated you asked. Here we go!

11 facts about me:

1. I have a boy's name (obvi); it was my great grandmother's maiden name so it is special to me

2. I am a Physician Assistant student, which occupies every second of every day

3. I am a mom to a furry 2.5 year old German short-haired pointer and she is the sweetest thing ever. I am obsessed with her.

4. I am the middle sibling with an older sister and a younger sister. Things are always interesting in our family.

5. My husband played baseball at UNC and had 3 surgeries while doing so. Needless to say he sounds like an old man with all his aches and pains these days.

6. I am addicted to Lululemon. If you don't know what that is, save yourself the money and DON'T look it up. While at Carolina there was a Lulu 10 minutes from me and I spent an embarrassing amount there every week. Now that we live in Greenville, I am 2 hours from Lulu and my husband's wallet is happy.

7. I have a hugely Type-A personality

8. I am a coffee addict. Can't start my day until there is a cup in my hand.

9. I can't wait to have kids. I have always dreamed of being a mommy. This is wayyyy down the road though :)

10. I am such a morning person. I can't stay up past 10:30pm but I am wide awake at 6am

11. I was captain of my State Championship volleyball team senior year of high school. We were the first female sport to win a state championship at my school. The most awesome experience ever!

Questions from Meghan:

1. What would be the one moment you would like to be able to live over and over again?
Walking down the aisle to my hubs. Both crying tears of happiness. Sweetest moment of my life.

2. What's your drink of choice?
During the week, water. Weekend, champagne or blue moon or a glass of pinot grigio (depending on my mood).

3. What is the one thing you never leave home without?
Chapstick... so addicted

4. Do you have any hobbies?  If so, what?
Used to be volleyball; however, I never have time anymore. I would say anything outdoors.

5. What's your dream job?
Pediatric or orthopedic Physician Assistant (21 months away... not that I'm counting)

6. Favorite celebrity style?
I love Jessica Biel's style, laid-back but always adorable. She is so good at dressing up a pair of jeans with a cute scarf or jewelry and of course she always looks amaze with her best accessory, her husband [JT], on her arm :)

7. Did you prefer high school or college?
Hmmm that's a tough one. Probably high school. I have a group of 10 best friends and we spent every waking moment of high school together doing some ridiculously stupid [fun] things. Then we all parted ways for college but kept in touch. College is where I met my husband, so it was great too. And living in Chapel Hill and being a Tarheel for 4 years was the best ever. But college was a stepping stone for PA school. I always knew PA school was my dream and it wasn't going to be handed to me on a silver platter. I worked my butt off in college and spent many nights in studying when all my friends were out partying. Looking back, it was so worth it.

8. Where are you going on your next vacay?
I just got back from Vail, CO last night. It was amazing! Hubs and I might be going to Milwaukee in May to visit our cousins Rob and Katie. Rob is a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers!

9. What's one piece of advice you wish you had known in college?
Relax. Have fun. You won't ever get these days back.

10. What's been the best day of your life so far?  Why?
My wedding day followed closely by the day my niece was born. Both days of pure joy and happiness and love.

11. What do you do to de-stress?
Head straight outside with my furry girl and go on a long walk. I love long walks with her... the perfect time to clear my head.

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  1. Yay for your GSP!! :) My hubby and I have a Brittany... Not quite as crazy as a GSP, but still very high energy - I'm sure they would be great friends :)

    Happy Monday, pretty lady!! Xo


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