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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ok ladies, I need your help! I am a huge neat freak/organizer, and it's time to better organize my bathroom. Throughout all of college my make-up has been in a make-up bag. This was the most convenient since I was typically on-the-go every weekend and I could just zip the sucker up and head out. Now that I have a house [eeek!], it's time for a more permanent location for my make-up. I have these adorable TB make-up bags that currently take up a lot of our bathroom counter space (poor hubs):

I am really wanting to put these away until I need them for traveling and store my make-up in a drawer. I am so tired of digging around aimlessly through those bags looking for what I need, and I think my husband deserves some of our bathroom counter space :) I am thinking something alone the lines of:

But I need your input! Does anyone have their make-up stored in something similar to these? Or have any suggestions for me?! The best/worst storage ideas?!


  1. Acrylic drawers are my favorite means of makeup storage!! I also store my makeup brushes in a glitter-covered mason jar!

  2. I don't have any drawers in my cabinets right now, so I have a make-up organizer from The Container Store. I actually have a post coming out next week about it. If I had drawers though, I definitely would do the acrylic drawers!

  3. I love those TB makeup bags!! I just have a drawer of makeup... It's terrible, I need something like those trays to help!!!


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