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Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday!! Not super pumped about this weekend since I will be inside studying, buuuuut this just means I am one day closer to 4th of July weekend at the beach!

I saw this cute post on one of my favorite blogs The Small Things and decided to join along!

Making: apple cobbler for dessert tomorrow night (late Father's Day celebration with in-laws)
Cooking: cucumbers in vinegar, I love summer meals!
Drinking: Diet Mt. Dew (needing the caffeine and too hot right now for coffee)
Reading: clinical medicine textbook [I know... so exciting...]
Wanting: to graduate and be DONE with school
Looking: at the fresh Sunflowers I just bought for my house
Playing: with my doggy
Wasting: time when I should be studying... story of my life
Sewing: ha.
Wishing: my real life AND blogger friend Meghan a happy wedding weekend!
Enjoying: my weekends at the beach. My happy place.
Waiting: for my sister-in-law to get here tonight for the weekend!
Liking: greek yogurt with granola and fresh blueberries, has been my go-to snack of choice lately
Wondering: what I should give my husband for our 1st anni
Loving: my precious husband
Hoping: for success for a couple going through IVF right now... realizing how common infertility is, and it's heartbreaking; it's super encouraging when people share their stories
Needing: my hair highlighted and cut
Smelling: Capri Blue candle from Anthro... omg so heavenly
Wearing: my new TB sandals that I snatched up for 20% off (go me!)
Following: so many adorable blogs; I love meeting new blog friends!
Noticing: how much more decorating our new house needs...
Knowing: ...my husband will kill me if I keep spending money on decorations
Thinking: how excited I am for Moe's for dinner
Feeling: like baby fever... won't be happening any time soon though
Bookmarking: slash highlighting all the important things in my textbooks as I study
Opening: a bottle of champagne [I wish...]
Giggling: at how adorable my niece is trying to learn how to talk


  1. Happy weekend - I hope you get your bottle of champagne soon! :) Cute blog post idea, love it!

  2. You are so sweet! I'll definitely be doing this post soon too. I promise I'm going to catch up on your blog posts this week! Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! xoxoxo


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