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Monday, June 30, 2014

This weekend was filled with studying and family
One of those I love, one of those I hate
My in-laws came to town Saturday night for a late Father's day dinner
Hubs and I cooked homemade bar-b-que, squash and zucchini, corn on the grill, cucumbers in vinegar, and homemade apple cobbler
It was quite delicious [not to toot my own horn... but toot toot]

We have been talking so much about kids lately
Baby fever is normal, right???
This won't be happening any time soon [thanks school] but we love to imagine our future
He is obsessed with kids, especially our niece
It completely melts my heart into a big puddle when they play together
And we may or may not have had a list of baby names for the past 2 years... guilty
But for now, I am loving our little family of 3
Our furry girl may as well be a baby human because that's how she's treated
[I literally do not know what we talked about before we got her]
And I love our awkward attempts at family pictures... this is the best we got

Happy Monday! Cheers to a short week!


  1. aww you'll get to baby season eventually! i always had names picked out too!

  2. I have some slight baby fever but not for at least another 8 months ;-) Love your fur baby picture!

  3. My baby fever comes and goes. Sometimes yes... sometimes no. We won't be having a baby anytime soon, but seeing the cute babes like your niece makes me think sooner rather than later! xo


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