Happy 2nd birthday Ella James Page!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2 years ago, at 3:46pm, my heart grew 100 sizes when this tiny little human made her grand entrance into the world.

G and I were in Nashville for a wedding that weekend. Our flight landed in Raleigh around lunch time Sunday and I turned my phone back on and had a text from my mom, "We are at the hospital, don't panic. They said they aren't letting K leave without a baby." Oh my gah. K was only 37.5 weeks preggo but had a super rare liver condition called cholestasis. It causes you to itch terribly and also causes still birth. They needed to get this baby OUT! So without any clothes packed, I drove sped straight to Greenville from the airport.

K labored for 36 hours, pushing for 3 hours continuously. EJ was turned 45 degrees so every contraction caused her spine to rub against K's hip bone, causing super bad pain. I was a freaking ball of nerves. She let me and my mom stay in the room for the whole thing and it was the most amazing experience of my life. They finally suctioned her out and I was officially an AUNT! And K's first words were "get me a coke".

Ella James has made the last two years so much more joyful and fun. Not sure how I am going to love my own children any more than I love her! She is my best girl. Happy birthday Ella James Page! 


  1. Awe happy birthday to your sweet little one! What an amazing day.

  2. She is seriously a gorgeous child! You're a great aunt! xo


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