Weekending: basketball, planting, and yummy food

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday pretty ladies! Let's jump right into my weekend recap:

Friday was a crazy busy day in the orthopedic clinic. We did 20+ knee cortisone injections! We had a patient that absolutely broke my heart. A precious 2 year old little girl with leukemia came in with a broken arm [x-ray below]. She was screaming bloody murder while we took her bandages off and put her in a more permanent hot pink cast. My heart was breaking as they held her down to get her cast on. Right when we were done she ran up to me and held her arms up, wanting me to hold her. Melt. My. Heart. I wanted to take her home with me. I won't be at this rotation when she comes back for her follow-up, but I am praying her arm heals just fine!

After work I rushed home to shower and get ready for dinner with friends. 5 couples went out for mexican at our favorite local restaurant. Nothing is better than margs, chips, and salsa after a looong week, am I right? Then it was home to watch a Dateline in bed, our favorite! I got about halfway through before falling asleep… this seems to happen a lot lately…

Saturday morning we met my dad for breakfast to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. This local breakfast spot has the best homemade coffees. I mean, I could drink about 10 of these. I got egg whites and a yogurt, granola, fresh fruit parfait for my meal. Then it was home to work on my paper while hubs played golf with some friends.

Saturday afternoon it was beeeautiful outside so sis and I decided to do some planting! The greenhouse we went to made me so happy [besides how HOT it is in those things!]. Pretty flowers everywhere! I wanted them all!

 I decided on hydrangeas [my very fav] and geraniums for the front porch. And I got a tomato plant and strawberry plants to try to grow! I have never grown anything so I am feeling like a new mommy to these plants. It makes me so happy to see them on the back porch :) My goal is to grow at least one tomato and one strawberry before those plants die, haha!

Side note: in the span of an hour, my niece picked the strawberry plant and planted a grape and a piece of chalk in the tomato plant. There may be no hope for these poor plants #toddlerlife

The final product!

Saturday night we cooked a yummy dinner and cheered on our Tarheels! SO PROUD of the way these boys played, and so excited that they made it to the Sweet 16! Can't wait to watch them again on Thursday night!!

This picture totally gives me chills… I love Roy Williams!

Sunday was the usual: church, lunch, gym, grocery, and lots of basketball watching! It was my brother-in-law's birthday so we celebrated with dinner at mom's house. How was your weekend?!

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  1. That margarita and chips makes me want mexican right now! I really need to go get some plants for my patio, I just haven't got around to it yet. Yours look great!

  2. Weekends cheering on the Heels are always GREAT weekends!

  3. Those pretty flowers are making me long for spring weather (I still can't believe we got snow in NYC on Friday!) and is it bad that I already want one of those margs?!

  4. I totally agree that margs and chips + salsa is the perfect way to end the week!!

  5. Love the plants! I need to put some new ones out on my front patio. Margs & chips/salsa are the best combo ever...and guac because I gotta have guac. I hope that little girl heals fast.

  6. Love those flowers on your porch! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite!

  7. You are so good with children, girl. Prayers for her. Your flowers look gorgeous! Did y'all go to Chico's? Also, what is that breakfast place?? xoxo


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