Nursery progress

Thursday, December 8, 2016

With a baby coming in just 13 weeks [or less!], our to-do list is never ending. We currently have two bedrooms that are not being used. One is a guest bedroom and the other was functioning as our study/"junk room". A few weeks ago it looked like a bomb went off in our study. Like, couldn't even see the floor. I am happy to say that we got rid of all the crap everything in that room and we are well on our way to turning it into baby girl's nursery. But boy do we have a long way to go...

To-do list:
order/have nursery furniture delivered
new white fan to replace brown one
pick paint color
paint walls
order/have glider delivered
order crib bedding
painting over crib
gallery wall
choose curtain fabric
have curtains made and hung

We just ordered her bedding yesterday. Well actually my mom ordered her bedding yesterday because I couldn't make a decision. You guys, I hate deciding on stuff like this. I'd rather just pay someone to design it for me, is that bad? I have images in my head of what I want the final product to look like but I am having a really hard time piecing it together and biting the bullet. My mom said enough is enough and ordered all ivory bedding which we can return if we aren't happy with it. Her glider and ottoman are dark gray and I think we will do light gray walls with light pink curtains. I basically want all neutral with a pop of pink in her curtains and abstract painting over her crib. The pictures below are my inspiration:

Slowly but surely we are making progress! We should get her bedding in in the next week or two then we can decide on a paint color for the walls then fabric for the curtains. Whew, I'm exhausted and stressed just thinking about it!


  1. I love the inspiration! We're still in the process of emptying out our room (mainly because we haven't done that much haha), but I think I have an idea of the wall color etc. Just need to find out the gender to make some other decisions!! Can't wait to see what you guys end up doing!

  2. Such pretty inspiration images to work off of! Can't wait to see the final product!

  3. Ahhh I absolutely love your inspiration for the nursery! So pretty!!

  4. Less than 13 weeks?! Time is flying! LOVE the pink curtains!

  5. WOW, how exciting. Its so much work but so much fun! Enjoy!

  6. Ummmmm can I live in those rooms?? Such gorgeous inspo doll.

  7. Love love love the inspiration!! Can't wait to see what you do with the room. I also can't believe you only have 13 weeks left- ahhh!!

  8. The nursery is going to be sooo pretty!! I can't wait to see it! So exciting :)

  9. so exciting! you know i already adore the RH furniture you picked and they will just make the room perfection. love the rug in the last photo! eek i cant wait to see!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  10. Oh my, the nursery is going to be beautiful, I can already tell!! I'm so excited to see the finished room!

  11. Loving what you're envisioning - so peaceful and posh :)

  12. I love your inspiration! I can't believe you only have 13 more weeks! Jess at Just Jess

  13. so funny, i was JUST swooning over that third nursery a little bit earlier today!! rachel parcell's i believe?! i know your nursery is going to be gorge and you will have so much fun with your little lady in there!!

  14. I totally want to hire someone to design and finish rooms for me. I'm the worst at it. I love your inspiration... and I have no idea how people pull those things together! It's exciting that you are making progress though!!

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