Second trimester essentials

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I honestly cannot believe I am entering my third trimester next week. It is blowing my mind how fast time is flying by! With my second trimester coming to a close, I rounded up a few of the random things that have been helpful or that I would recommend to other pregnant ladies.

The Spoiled Mama tummy butter and sugar scrub. Their products contain no sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, or other nasty toxins. They are organic and super safe for you and baby. I do the sugar scrub on my belly every night in the shower which is basically like an exfoliant that makes your skin super soft. Then I put the tummy butter on before I go to bed. So far no stretch marks, I will let you know as my belly gets bigger!

My body pillow aka "Bob" which my husband calls it. I never thought I would need one of these to sleep but boy was I wrong. I didn't want to pay for one of those expensive, fancy wrap around ones but my mom had this and loaned it to me. I am obsessed with my actual pillow so I knew I didn't want a body pillow that went underneath my head and this one has been perfect. I am a tummy sleeper which is obviously out of the question so this has made the transition to sleeping on my side a lot easier. Good thing we have a king-sized bed because this bad boy takes up a lot of space, sorry babe!
I bit the bullet and paid an arm and a leg on maternity jeans. These Paige maternity jeans fit like a glove. I even got them in black! Knowing I'd be pregnant all fall/winter, I knew I would be living in jeans so I wanted some that fit well and were super comfortable.

These gummy prenatal vitamins have been a lifesaver. I was taking prenatal capsules that you swallow and they smelled and tasted awful. I dreaded taking them every night then would have the worst indigestion after. I switched to these and it has made all the difference!

My S'well bottle reminds me to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If I don't drink enough I get terrible headaches. I keep my S'well bottle on my desk at work and it's pretty to look at and is a constant reminder to drink between patients. I'm dying for another color!

I have been living in ponchos and kimonos and this tank top has been worn on repeat. I have it in black and white and it is so comfy, doesn't stretch out, and is perfect for showing off your best accessory... your growing baby bump!

Did I miss anything?! Mamas, what third trimester essentials do I need?!


  1. After you told me, I got the tummy butter and have been using it every night but I didn't get the scrub. haven't invested in maternity jeans myself yet, just a bunch of tops, but I definitely need a pair. Hoping I can find some that fit and are a decent price (yeah right!) haha

  2. I've heard so many friends say investing in quality maternity jeans is totally worth it. Praying for a healthy and smooth third trimester for you friend!

  3. OMG how is it possible you're in your third trimester already? Where has the time gone?! You look GORGEOUS and so glad switching to those vitamins helped! Hoping the third trimester goes great for you! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. You look amazing! Where do you get all your adorable kimonos and ponchos??

  5. Good for you for investing in maternity jeans!! I did not do that and regretted it all the way till the end!

  6. I cannot believe how quickly you are progressing! Those pillows crack me up, seriously it's like another human being size.

  7. Oh my gosh girl - 3rd trimester already!! So exciting!! Loving your sweet baby bump!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I can't believe your into the third trimester either - so so exciting!!


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