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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thank you guys SO much for your feedback last week! I had so many of you say you'd like to see a "day in the life" post. I totally agree, these are my very favorite to see! As you guys know, I still work as a Physician Assistant three days a week so I figured I'd do one of these as a day at home and one as a typical work day. Obviously the days I work and the days I stay home are totally different. Today I'm giving you a glimpse into what a "normal" day at home looks like... nothing glamorous or exciting.

Date: Tuesday June 27, 2017

2:15am- I hear Vivi crying through the monitor. She isn't putting herself back to sleep so I go and give her a paci and luckily she goes straight to sleep.

4:00am- Garrett's alarm goes off and he is off to the gym

4:40am- I hear Vivi crying again. Shew. [I think I jinxed myself by telling y'all she started sleeping through the night.] Try to let her cry it out but she isn't having it. I try a paci and that doesn't work this time so I know she isn't going back to sleep without a bottle. Feed her a bottle and put her back down. Side note: on the days I don't work I try to let Garrett sleep if Vivi wakes up. On the days we both work, we usually alternate nights or he does night duty because he functions fine on no sleep.

6:15am- Vivi is up for the day and I'm exhausted. Garrett is home from the gym and he gets her up and lets her play while he's eating breakfast and getting ready for work.

6:50am- Garrett is out the door for work and I get out of bed. Straight to the coffee maker I go and turn on Good Morning America. Play with Vivi for a while on her play mat.

7:15am- Feed Vivi a bottle and I can tell she's getting sleepy. I put her in her crib for her morning nap and she goes straight to sleep.

7:30am- I know I have one hour of "me" time to relax and get ready for the day. I put on my depuffing gold eye masks because the bags under my eyes this morning are impressive. I leave these on for 20 minutes while drinking my coffee and doing my daily devotional.

For breakfast this morning I cook myself 2 eggs over medium with a whole grain english muffin and a piece of turkey sausage.

8:30am- Vivi is awake. Put her in her jumparoo while I make the bed and get ready. I have a terrible habit of not making our bed but I really try to on my days off; I'm embarrassed to say it hardly ever gets made on days that I work.

9:00am- My mom comes over to keep Vivian while I go get my hair done. Luckily my sister does my hair so it's super convenient... and cheap :) I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first time having my hair done since February, it was desperately needed.

11:30am- get home and feed Vivi a bottle. Garrett calls and says he has a break between cases at the hospital and asks if we can meet him for lunch. This is SUPER rare! I can count on one hand how many times we have been able to do this so it is definitely a treat!

 I had half of a turkey, apple and brie panini with shrimp corn chowder soup. Delicious!

1:00pm- Vivi falls asleep in the car on the way home from lunch so since she isn't fussing I decide to run a few errands. Pick up dry cleaning and stop by Walgreens then head home.

1:45pm- Put her in her crib to "play" for a few minutes while I try to do a few things around the house. Start a load of laundry then unload the dishwasher. She gives me about 8 minutes before she's bored and ready for something new.

2:15pm- feed Vivi a bottle then time for an outfit change because she threw up all over herself.

2:45pm- She's getting fussy so she goes down for her afternoon nap. While she's napping I browse a few blogs, do some online shopping, vacuum, and pick up around the house.

4:40pm- I break my #1 rule of motherhood: wake a sleeping baby. Gasp! Of course the one day we have somewhere to be she decides to take a super long nap. I am taking dinner to my friend who had a baby recently. Baked ziti, salad, and chocolate pie!

5:45pm- We get home and Garrett has just gotten home from work. We both change and head outside for a driveway workout and couch to 5k run. Vivian absolutely loves riding in the stroller and she falls asleep about halfway through. Bella gets to tag along and it wears her out so we are killing two birds with one stone.

6:30pm- bath time for baby girl. She loves getting a bath and I love this time with her. She is definitely a water baby!

6:30pm- While I'm doing bath duty, Garrett starts on dinner. He loves cooking so he cooks most of our dinners... and I'm definitely not complaining! I threw pork tenderloin in the crockpot this morning and it's ready to shred up so Garrett just has to cook the sweet potatoes and okra. 

7:00pm- Vivi usually naps in her swing around this time but tonight she is super fussy for some reason. We tag team eating while trying to calm her down then Garrett takes her so I can finish eating. He usually spends some time with her while I do the dishes, pick up after dinner, etc.

7:45pm- I head into the nursery for some quiet time. We rock and listen to Lauren Daigle pandora for about 30 minutes. She falls asleep so I wake her up around 8:15pm to change her diaper and give her a bottle. She finishes it and goes straight in her crib for bed.

8:30pm- Time to finish cleaning the kitchen, get everything ready for work tomorrow, lay out Vivi's clothes, pick up the house, etc. After the house feels "clean", I can finally shower.

9:00pm- Get in bed! Read my book while Garrett browses his iPad. Sometimes we watch a DVR'ed show like Dateline (our very favorite) if I'm not in the mood to read. Lights are usually out by 10pm.

This is what a "typical" day looks like when I'm not working! I tried my best to take pictures as I went and I think these posts are so fun to read and I know they will change as Vivi grows. I am going to try to do these more often!


  1. yay, my favorite post! You pack a lot into ya'lls day! i'm with you on the bed making, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I am home every day and still rarely make it. I always loved (and still do) getting out and meeting patrick for lunch with the boys. Especially when they were babies, it broke up the day and gave me a chance to be around adults. I also miss the morning nap, two naps a day were the best! thanks for sharing your typical day. I've got to get working on one for us!

  2. OMG that pic of her in the bath is the cutest! Sounds like you have some super busy days mama but are totally nailing it! If it makes you feel any better, I almost never make the bed. And I'm right there with you on lights out at 10 pm! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. ah i love these posts! i realize i need to do another one of them but on the weekend :) my work days are pretty boring haha. i love that you have a man that cooks (among other things lol) bc i am just not a fan of it myself so i can appreciate that! anyway, now i'm reminded to start couch to 5k again :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I love your daily routine!! You are an amazing wife & mom!!

  5. Love these posts! And she looks so cozy napping in her crib, don't you wish sometimes we could just crawl in there with them?!

  6. I love these kinds of posts, too! Where did you get your mint top from? It's so cute!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. I love these posts! Vivi is such a little doll, I can't get over it! And um, can you please come decorate my house?! Yours is gorgeous! We love Dateline, too. ;)

  8. I do love these posts!! Part of me misses the two naps a day, but the other part loves one long one in the afternoon!

  9. I LOVE looking back at my Day in the Life post from when Parker was a baby!! I have not done one in ages and totally need to. They seriously tell so much - you will adore having these :)

  10. Yup, love these posts! It also makes me reminisce about stages I went through with Andi - ahhh they grow SO quickly! Looks like ya'll have a good routine going so cheers to that! (ps - you look fab and I love ya'lls master bedroom! Gorgeous!)

  11. i always LOVE these kinds of posts!!!! what a great day to follow! i'm glad you shared!!

  12. What a cutie she is! Some sort of pasta, salad and a pie are my go-to meals when taking something to someone. So glad you mentioned your dry cleaning because I need to pick mine up and totally forgot!

  13. You guys get so much done during the day!! Garrett up so early to head to the gym - so impressive! Love that you were able to sneak a lunch in with him as well! She's the sweetest little babe! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. Busy mommy!!! I love how devoted you are to being a mom yet still take time for yourself!! Great post lady!

  15. Thanks for posting this. I love reading day-in-the-life posts. And I really like the light green shirt you're wearing in the mirror selfie picture. Happy Friday!

  16. I love this!! What a fun day - so cool your sister does your hair :) It looks great! Can't wait to see what your work day looks like!

  17. Your day is packed! Wow! Glad you guys were able to meet for lunch though, how fun!

  18. That's some great teamwork right there! And, give yourself some grace... my bed gets made once a week. On the weekends. When I change the sheets, lol! ;) Love all those sweet Vivi smiles!!

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  20. These posts are so fun! You guys got a lot in one day - yay for a rare lunch date - that's so fun!


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