Christmas gift guide for kids

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Can you believe Christmas is just 47 days away? My husband and I are obsessed with Christmas and I'm holding myself back from decorating our house this early. Vivi ins't getting much this year since she's too young to know what's going on but I have been keeping a list of things I think she would enjoy as they pop in my head. I always struggle with unique gifts so I am super excited to see what everyone comes up with! I plan on stealing some ideas!

First up is gifts for the babies. These are some of the things I'm getting Vivi. Toys change so much once they are walking so I also have a gift guide for older kids. What are your kids getting from Santa this year?!

Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers

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I originally saw this Pewi Y Bike on April's blog a few months ago. She talked about it helping her daughter learn to walk and I made a mental note to get this for Vivi for Christmas. It has been ordered and I can't wait for her to try it in a few months! It is perfect for almost walkers or new walkers.

Every Christmas my parents gave me a Christmas ornament and when I got married I got to take them all to decorate my own tree. It was such a special tradition that I am going to continue with my children. This ornament is beautiful and perfect for baby's first Christmas.

This ball pit looks so fun! I know my Vivi would just love it. I'm still contemplating this because we don't have a play room and it would take up so much room in our living room. When we move next year I'm absolutely getting her one of these!

I was gifted a precious little nativity set when I was pregnant and I can't wait to display it in Vivi's room for Christmas. Growing up, my mom collected nativity sets and I have started to do the same. I love the idea of giving Vivi a new one each year. I am loving this one and that she can play with it and it's not just for looks.

You can never have too many Christmas books! I like this onethis one, and this one.

I used to dream about the day when my future children would wear Hunter rain boots. I mean is there anything cuter?? These rain boots are a splurge but would be such a cute Christmas present!

This push toy is perfect for learning how to walk and new walkers. Vivi will be getting this!

I used to absolutely love playing in tents and teepees when I was little. This teepee is so cute and would make play time and picnics so much more fun.

My child is a total water baby. I knew Santa would be getting her a water table ever since I saw how much she loved splashing around in the pool this past summer. The perfect toy for spring and summer days.

I've seen lots of people talk about these sensory beads. They look like such a fun and different play activity for the littles.

We love bath time in our home and Vivi gets so excited when she gets new bath toys. This adorable octopus bath toy will be under the tree for her this year! Some other bath toys I'm loving are these bath crayonsthese foam counting bath animals and these water coloring tablets to give bath time a fun twist.

Christmas gifts for kids

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This play kitchen is adorable. I cannot wait to get Vivian one of these when she's a little older! This play food would be perfect to go with it.

This tunnel tent could keep any kid entertained forever. So cute and fun!

Last weekend for my niece's birthday I quickly learned that Shopkins are all the rage these days. Every little girl would be thrilled to get a Shoppies doll.

This play tool set is the perfect gift for all the little boys in your life. I'm pretty sure this is what I will be gifting my nephew.

Before we got pregnant I dreamed of the day where we had a monogrammed kids Anywhere Chair in our living room. They are so darn cute and so practical!

This tabletop easel is perfect if your little one loves crafts and coloring. I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I hope Vivi does!

The Jungle JumpaRoo is the neatest toy I've seen in a while. A mix between a trampoline and a jungle gym.

My niece and nephew have these scooters and they love them. They are so easy to use (my nephew is 2) and perfect for outside play time.

A tablet, because sometimes you need peace and quiet and screen time isn't going to kill them.

What kid doesn't love sidewalk chalk?!

Garrett tried to get Vivi a basketball goal this year. Can you tell he wants her to play sports?? I think 10 months would be a little young for this but it will definitely be in our future!

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  2. These are all such great gift ideas! Our boys LOVE the Anywhere Chair!

  3. So many of the same items that I put on mine. I am definitely buying the scooters for my girls this year.

  4. Great suggestions! It's so overwhelming to decide what to get the kids --you want to find toys that last and that are fun!

  5. Stopping by from the link up! So many awesome ideas! Love those rain boots! So cute! Seasonal books are always a must!! Water beads is one on our list too! I've never seen that jungle gym thing. How cool!

  6. Such a great list!! Little hunters are so cute. And we love the boys anywhere chairs... they do too!

  7. Since my kids were babies I've given them an ornament every year for Christmas. You found some great gift ideas for little ones!

  8. So many cute gift ideas!! I want to get Olivia one of the anywhere chairs for down the road :)

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