Bar cart

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Since hubs and I moved into a brand new house right after we got married, we have been buying furniture slowly over the last 8 months to fill our new home. And let me tell you, this is no cheap project. Since I'm in school and we are living on one income, it obviously isn't possible for us to buy everything at once. We finally had curtains made for our dining room and bedroom about a month ago and they are getting installed today! So excited! [pictures to come!]

I have been eye-ing bar carts for a few weeks now and think this may be the next item I pull the trigger on. In my dream home I would have some sort of built-in bar in my massive kitchen [dream on]. Until then, a bar cart will suffice ;) I definitely want gold, which will match perfectly with some other furniture in our dining room. These are my top 2 choices:

And I would style it something like this:


Do you have a bar cart? What stores should I be looking for the best deals?!


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