My break!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What does a PA student do on a 2.5 week break from school??

... have NO alarm set in the mornings [holy amazing]

... gets a much needed mani/pedi

... comes to the beach in the middle of the week, just because I can!

... wake up at 8:45 and realize that's the latest I've slept in probs a year

... spend a ridiculous amount of time cuddling with my furry babe

... read every non-school related book possible

... catch up on all my DVR'ed shows

... grocery shop [usually hubs is stuck with this job while I study]

... get bossed around by my 21-month-old niece and love every second of it

... take 2 naps a day [still catching up on the sleep I never get]

... have a drink drinks whenever the heck I want!

... eat yummy fruits and veggies from every farmer's market I see

... miss my hubs and feel slightly guilty that I'm at the beach while he's home working [sorry, babe!]

... get super excited for our trip to Charleston tomorrow!



  1. Love this- I'm on my break too and let me just say it's going by way too fast!! The amount of Grey's I'm watching is scary! xo

  2. Have so much fun! Enjoy Charleston... and your time off! xo


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