Five on Friday: birthday edition!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

TODAY is my birthday!! Honestly, I don't really celebrate or look forward to my birthday very much. Sometimes I even forget how old I'm turning :) But I will admit, birthday wishes make me feel extra loved! This is what my birthday weekend looks like:

[O N E]
First things first, I am going to kick butt on a huge practical exam I have today. Saving [fake] lives on my birthday, duh. 31 days left until the end of the semester... not that I'm counting.

[T W O]
Heading straight to the lake with all 8 of my bff's after class! I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! My group has been best friends since we were toddlers. Literally. All our moms are best friends so we were forced to become friends before we could even walk. Now that we are semi-grown ups we live all over NC and we don't see each other nearly as much as I wish we did. However, that makes our get-togethers even more amazing.

[T H R E E]
I plan to drink a few glasses [bottles] of champagne. It is my birthday, so I'm allowed, right? Birthday + girls weekend= champagne.

[F O U R]
The temps are supposed to drop in NC this weekend, like into the 30's and 40's! We will be taking full advantage of the hot tub and fireplace on the deck at the lake house. Sounds amazing doesn't it?!?

[F I V E]
I am having my "family" birthday dinner next week. I feel sad that I'm not spending it with my hubs and pup and family but that just means I get 2 celebrations!


  1. Happy birthday girl!!! Hope you rock the practical and have a fab girls weekend- it sounds like a blast!! xo

  2. Happy birthday girl!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Your girls weekend sounds amazing!!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Visiting from the link up!

  4. Birthdays are always my fav! And it sounds so exciting to be going to the Lake House with such good friends. Can't wait to read about that! Good luck on the exam!

  5. Happy happy birthday! You definitely deserve champagne!

  6. Happy birthday... I know you killed that exam... and now it's on to the FUN! And... 30 days left... ;)

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy yourself this weekend! Champagne never needs an excuse! :) xo


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