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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I have known about Stitch Fix for a while but had never really looked into it until today. About a year ago my SIL told me she signed up for it and had received her first shipment and LOVED everything she had received. I pushed it to the back of my mind until recently. You see, I start clinicals in a month and I have to dress "business casual" every day. Yet I only have 2 pairs of dress pants and a few skirts [insert panic]. Problem #1: Greenville doesn't have J. Crew, Banana Republic, etc. Problem #2: I have NO TIME to shop. It is super rare that I have a free afternoon to go from store to store looking/trying on clothes. Especially now that all my free time between now and clinicals is going to be spent Christmas shopping for my family.

So, today I went to the Stitch Fix website and bit the bullet. You fill out a detailed survey about your style, preferences, sizes, etc. Then you tell them what you want to receive each month and what you don't want them to include. Personally, I don't really need any more accessories so I chose to receive mostly clothing with a few accessories every now and then. You can choose how often you want shipments and you can even choose to only receive them when you request it. You pay $20, they ship you 5 items, you can keep them all or send them all back or anything in between! If you send them all back, you lose your $20. But if you keep anything, the $20 goes toward your purchase. Also, you can cancel at any point! Sounds like a great deal to me!!

I think it's super cool that for each shipment you can write your "stylist" a note and let them know if you have a wedding that month and want to be shipped only cocktail dresses, if you want to receive only tops, only jewelry, etc. I am already super impressed with the website!

I have heard nothing but GOOD things about Stitch Fix. I can't give my personal opinion [yet] but wait a month and I will fill you in! I can't wait!


  1. This is so awesome! I look forward to hearing how you like it! Have you heard of Le Tote? I think it is the same sort of thing, but you basically wear all the clothes then send them all back... Like a rotating closet!!

  2. I can't wait to hear your review of this! What an awesome concept! xo

  3. hope you have a great experience!! i have heard great things!!


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