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Thursday, July 20, 2017

I get so many questions about where I get Vivian's clothes so I thought I'd compile a list for all you girl mommas and soon-to-be girl mommas out there! Shopping for her has been so much more fun than I ever imagined. I have to hold myself back from buying new clothes for her every single day. There are just sooo many cute things everywhere!


Wunderkin Co. is my favorite bow shop. The only thing that I don't like is how hard it is to get your hands on the bows. They usually release new bows every Monday morning but they sell out in like 5 minutes flat. Such a pain! I was able to snag a few because I was sitting on my computer and ready to go the second they released. Watch their Instagram [@wunderkin_co] for new release dates.

Gap surprised me with how cute their baby things are. Vivian has this adorable bubble and I just recently got her two of these knit bear hats in both cream and pink for winter which are currently on sale for $9.99!

Cecil & Lou is my go-to for all the southern smocked things. The prices are SO good for smocked outfits. I recently got her these Christmas pjs which I am just absolutely dying over. I also just got her this bubble for Thanksgiving. Follow their Instagram [@cecilandlou] for new releases and you can buy straight from there.

River & Jax is probably the store I get the most questions on when I dress Vivi in their rompers. So darn cute and look perfect with Willow Crowns lace headbands. The only thing I don't like about this shop is that products sell out quickly and take a while to be shipped to you because they are handmade. Follow their Instagram [@riverandjax] for new releases. I literally set my alarm one night so that I could buy a few rompers before they sold out. And prepare for it to take 6ish weeks to get to you... so size up!

Willow Crowns is my favorite for lace headbands. It's no secret that I'm a frequent shopper here! Some of our favorites are this blush bowthe sloan lace headbandthe blake lace headband, and the laurel gold leaf headband which was perfect for newborn pictures.

Shrimp & Grits is southern perfection. A little pricier than Cecil & Lou but such good quality. I just got Vivian this Christmas tree dress and this smocked Santa dress and I.seriously.die. There is nothing sweeter than a baby girl in classic southern pieces. They are currently having a sale on all their summer clothing so stock up for next summer!

Old Navy has also surprised me with how cute some of their baby clothes are. I won't put her in super trendy things like jeans, leggings, etc. but their bubbles are perfect and so cheap! We have gotten our money's worth out of these things: this cream bubble with ruffled trimthis bubble in multiple colors, and this onesie in multiple colors that she sleeps in. I also just got this swimsuit for our trip to the Cayman Islands which is currently on sale for $13! Stock up for next summer!

Beaufort Bonnet Company is expensive but the absolute most adorable southern clothes ever. We were gifted this bonnet and this bubble which are both such classic pieces. I am beyond obsessed with their pjs. Their summer clothes are on sale so now would be the time so purchase a few!

Hanna Andersson is my go-to for pajamas. There is nothing cuter than their zip up sleeper pajamas. Vivian has so many of these! How cute are these unicorn pajamas? She needs them! I am patiently awaiting their Christmas pajamas to be released so I can grab a few for the holidays.

Matilda Jane has super cute clothes for babies all the way up to teens, and I even love their clothes for myself! Vivi has a few adorable bubbles that she has worn the heck out of. I got her this lemon romper and this colorful romper for next year. They release new clothes on the 1st of every month. Let me know if you'd like more info... my sister is a trunk keeper!

Kissy Kissy convertible gowns were what Vivian wore 24/7 when she was a newborn. The gowns make diaper changing SO much easier and they can convert to legs for when you put them in their carseat. She had this ballet slipper gown and this rose print gown and so many others like them. This is basically all she wore for the first 2ish months of life. Nothing sweeter than a tiny newborn in a soft gown.

Magnolia Baby has the softest clothes for newborns, hands down. We had so many of their gowns and footies. One of my very favorite outfits Vivi has worn is this striped footie. I am about to order it for her in a bigger size for this winter.

Candy Kirby Designs has the cutest knotted gowns. Vivian had a few that I just loved on her. They are so soft. The only problem is they can only wear them when you're planning on staying home because obviously you can't put them in their carseat with the knotted bottom. Kind of a pain but super cute!

KicKee Pants has the softest pajamas that are thin and stretchy and look so dang precious on babies. Vivi had this striped outfit and she wore it until it was bursting at the seams. I am going to get this turtle outfit and a few others for her for the fall/winter.

Girl mommas, what shops am I missing?


  1. Girl, we're on the same page - my post today has my Charlotte wearing the exact same pink gingham monogrammed bubble from Cecil & Lou haha. And there have been MANY times where I'm wearing workout clothes and no makeup but my child is decked out in bows and bubbles... and I couldn't love it more. The holiday shopping is going to get me in trouble! I'm preordering like crazy for Halloween-Christmas because I've only waited my entire adult life to do so :)

    My only question is where you find Vivi's sweet bows, like the one she's wearing in the first bubble pic. Do you do regular bows and attach them to the headband?

  2. Vivian has the cutest little wardrobe so I love that you shared all of these! Our little one isn't even here yet and I'm already obsessed with Kissy Kissy, Kickee Pants and Hannah Anderson pjs! I'm with Katie above-- where is her cute bow from the picture from?

  3. Vivian is a doll.

  4. I NEED to get some of those River & Jax rompers! Adorable. Check out Seababy Clothing - they have the cutest super cute summer rompers - and Crew and Lu!

  5. I might have to bookmark this post for one day... far far away from now lol. But Vivian has THE cutest little clothes!

    xo, Kristina

  6. Ah, love this post! Just clicked 10 links of places I didn't know about ~ Thank you!!


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