Sunday, May 6, 2012

This post is dedicated to the wild, sweet, furry love of my life: Bella. It all started last summer when Garrett was at one of his best friends Bryant Gaines' house in Charlotte and saw his dog. He had a German short-haired pointer, and Garrett fell in love. He sent me a picture of the dog and I responded "I do not want a spotted dog". Well, a year later, we have a spotted dog.

I have been an animal lover my whole life. Some of the earliest memories I have are of me and my best friend Molly Aldridge in the creek in her back yard catching bullfrogs, fish, and anything else we could find. I used to want to be a vet until I realized how many sick dogs they have to see (I don't need a job that makes me cry every day). Well when we got Bella I fell in love immediately, as I knew I would. I'm pretty sure Garrett gets so tired of me talking in a baby voice to her like she can understand every word I'm saying. Oh well. I admit that I am annoyingly obsessed with my dog, sorry.

German short-haired pointers are known for their energy level. If Garrett knew this before we got her, he sure didn't tell me. Our daily goal is to try to wear her out and make her tired, which most of the time doesn't happen. Ironically, she is laying beside me asleep right now which is not normal. She is exhausted from being on the beach all day yesterday digging in the sand and chasing birds. I am still waiting for the day that she lays around and naps all day like most dogs... hopefully those days are right around the corner. Despite her wildness, she is so sweet. She loves to be by your side at every minute and still thinks she is a lap dog at 50 lbs.

There have been plenty of times that we have wanted to put her in doggy time-out and leave her there forever. Garrett lives on a big farm and one day he unhooked her leash and opened the door to let her inside and she turned around and took off running. Knowing there was no chance he would catch her, he drove their truck through the fields after her. Well, the term "bird dog" is no lie. When Bella sees a bird, there is no stopping her. He drove a few miles until she finally decided she wanted a treat bad enough to stop running. Another time she thought it would be fun to play in a big pile of fire ants. Then she thought I was playing with her as I yelled at her to get out. I had to drag her away and get all the ants off of her which led to both of us covered in ant bites, and me being furious.

I know I am bias, but gosh she is so darn cute! Even though some days I would love to sleep in past 7am or not spend all my money on dog food and toys, I wouldn't change a thing! I love our spoiled spotted girl!

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has a great week!

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