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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Warning: this post contains ranting and my personal beliefs and opinions. I am NOT judging you if you do not agree with me on this subject.

The other day my future MIL was having casual conversation with someone when they asked about Garrett and I. After telling them about our December wedding and our job/school plans, they proceeded to say, "Well aren't they living together in Greenville already?" And she told them that no, we won't be living together until we get married. AND THEY GAVE HER A WEIRD LOOK. They went on to say, "Really??? Why not?" 

Insert rant: Since when is it considered weird to NOT live together before marriage???  It used to be the other way around. My fiancé and I were both raised in Christian homes. Our parents did amazing jobs of instilling in us the desire to follow Christ and live according to His desires. Genesis 2:24 says, "A man shall leave his mother and father and become united to his WIFE and they shall become one flesh." Notice this passage says wife; not girlfriend or fiancé. Garrett and I fully believe that by following this scripture and similar ones in the Bible, our marriage will be made even more special, intimate, and holy. 

I am not saying you are a bad person or non-religious if you choose to do this. I am just saying my blood boiled when someone considered it "out of the ordinary" that we are choosing to wait until marriage to live together. It makes me wonder where we are losing sight of God.. is it because of our obsession with politics, material things, instant gratification? Moral of the story: I wish our country would turn back towards God. Religion is so important and I truly believe it is the answer for so many problems in our country.

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