Wedding weekend recap!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A few weekends ago my best friend got hitched. It was SUCH an amazing weekend, from start to finish. Lucky for us, our moms are best friends too, so the 4 of us hung out at the beach all week and prepared for her wedding.

Time moves so fast that I frequently look back and wish I had "soaked up" some days more. This was one day that I made sure to soak up. There were a few times that day where I just sat and relished in the moment, knowing I would remember these memories for the rest of my life. One was getting ready in the bathroom with the bride. Of all the places, a bathroom floor. Mirrors were being used all over the church and I think Danielle wanted just a little peace and quiet, so we snuck away to the bathroom. She did her own make-up, because why would you pay someone to do it when you already look flawless? I watched her look in the mirror and I will never forget what she said to me... "Will asked if I even had to wear any make-up at all!" That is true love. It made my heart smile!

Another moment that I will never forget is sitting in the top of the church beside Danielle before the ceremony started. They said it was about to rain so we rushed Danielle to the top of the church balcony, which worked out perfectly because we were able to listen to the music and watch people file in the church. I fanned her with a program [bridesmaid duty] and we hummed along to the love songs. She was so peaceful and happy knowing she was about to marry the love of her life.

It was obvious that their day was all about the love Danielle and Will share and how God has blessed them. I am so happy for my best friend, and soon to be Davis sister ;)

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