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Monday, July 1, 2013

It has been forrrrever since I have posted on this poor blog. Life has been nothing short of hectic these last 8 months. I am an aunt to a perfect 8 month old baby girl, I got ENGAGED to the most amazing man in this world, I got accepted into PA school, and I am building a house. Yes I am crazy for taking on all these tasks at one time. I've always been good at multitasking ;)

Wedding planning is so much fun. The only thing that has made me even slightly stressed is that my dream make-up/hair girl had a conflict [tear], but I fixed this situation and I know these girls are going to do a great job! I have so much already done: dream dress found, church booked, reception booked, amazing florist, BM dresses found. I am much more laid-back than I thought I would be. After all, in 15 years when I look back I won't remember the small details or what went wrong. I will remember marrying my soul mate and spending the day with all our friends and family. So why stress?!

PA school starts in a short 1.5 months. I will be totally honest: I am nervous about being a full-time student and being a newlywed. I am nervous that I won't be able to give my future hubs all the time in the world. However, he is 100% supportive and so excited for this journey. He always says he will do the cooking and cleaning and take whatever stress away from me that he possibly can. He is the best. It won't be ideal to be stressed up to my eyeballs for the first 2 years of our marriage but this is my dream and he is behind me all the way. Bye bye social life (or what little social life I have) for the next 3 years.

Our house!! Back in December my sister and I were joking about how neat it would be to live beside each other. Well it just so happened that the lot beside their house is empty. After some talking, Garrett and I decided it would be perfect to build beside them. Garrett and Colt can have man time, Keehln and I can have sister time, and we can watch Ella James grow up. It has been a learning experience going through the process of signing all the documents and meeting with our realtor. We are hoping to start building any day now in hopes of moving in right before the wedding. We will move all our furniture in before we get married but our first night living in the house will be our wedding night. We are so excited!

I am off to the beach tomorrow for 14 days and couldn't be more excited to celebrate the 4th of July AND my best friend's wedding weekend!


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  1. YAY welcome back, Owen! So excited for all these great things! Here's to taking on marriage and grad school together!


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