Friday, September 13, 2013

Confession: I am 100% type-A, overachiever, perfectionist. In PA school this is both good and bad. This personality is good for making sure all my work gets done, that I am on time, and that I am organized. My planner looks like a work of art, no joke. Everything is color-coded, checked off, etc. However, this is bad because with 6 tests in one week, it is physically impossible to complete everything 100%. I do NOT like leaving things incomplete. But with 6 tests, you never have enough time to completely learn all the material. I admit that I am not used to making "bad" grades. In undergrad, I would study hard and I was rewarded with good grades. Now, I study hard and get average or below-average grades. IT SUCKS. But it is teaching me to be content with not being perfect. Though I am just average here, I am happy with my small victories and I am relying on God and not myself to carry me through.

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