Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tomorrow at 12:00 midnight my dad will set off on his bike from Atlantic Beach, NC to San Diego, CA. Why 12:00 am? Because he is trying to set a record of riding this distance in 10 days or less and the clock starts at 12:00. More importantly, he is trying to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club along the way. He will ride 18 hours a day, totaling about 300 miles a day, all to bring awareness to the underprivileged kids across the country that need our help the most. He rode from NC to Key West, FL and from NC to Canada and raised over $100,000. He has a passion for these kids and believes that without the Boys and Girls Clubs, they don't have a fair shot at success like the rest of us. The B&G Clubs are keeping these kids off the streets after school and helping them complete their homework. The Clubs are a support system for them when they may not have this at home.

My dad's journey can be tracked live on www.riding4areason.org and you can see where he is all throughout his trip! If you feel compelled to donate, this can also be done from the website! Also, they have created an Instagram: riding4areason.

I am asking for prayers for my dad, as this task is very dangerous. Not only is it going to be incredibly hard on his body but he will be riding right beside cars, avoiding dogs that chase him, and riding 1/3 of the time in complete darkness. Please pray for his safety and health!

"My mind and my body may grow weak, but God is my strength; He is all I ever need." -Psalm 73:26

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