Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The past 2 weeks have been SO busy. Between getting into school mode and trying to pick out stuff for the house, I have been crazy busy. Garrett came to town Friday so we could get a bunch of appointments packed into one day then we headed to the beach for the last weekend of the summer (tear). This makes me super sad and super excited at the same time. Last beach weekend of the summer= fall is around the corner= wedding is SO CLOSE. Speaking of wedding, there are so many small things that pop into my head during class that I tell myself I need to do for the wedding, but there is never enough time. You see, I go to class 8-5, go straight home and give my brain a break to workout, eat dinner, then study until bed and wake up and do it alllllll over. Where is the time for wedding planning? There isn't any. However, there is a [semi] light at the end of the tunnel. Next week I have 6 exams so IF I survive that week, I will be able to do some wedding stuff the following week.

Bella's 2nd birthday was last week so we had a birthday party for her at the beach. Yes, she is a dog. But she is our furry baby and we love her so much. She loved her pup-cake and all her new toys, but didn't like the birthday hat I made her wear so I could snap her annual birthday pic.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Our cute little house is coming along!

Happy birthday Bella boo! I love you!

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  1. Adorable house Owen! And of course Bella is precious! Good luck with your exams. I'm thinking about ya!


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