A letter to my 17-year-old self

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dear 17-year-old self,

This is the year that you will have your heart broken into a million pieces. You will fall in love with a guy that doesn't deserve you. You will make excuses for him and his bad choices. You will cry yourself to sleep every night for months. You will blame yourself for not being pretty enough, fun enough, good enough. It will take a long time to heal this hole in your heart. But! God planned this heartbreak to teach you many lessons.

This is the year that you will learn that family is irreplaceable. Your precious mom will sleep with you and rub your back for weeks while you cry yourself to sleep. She will be there to simply listen when in reality she should be telling you to WAKE. UP. and get over this jerk! Your sisters will become your best friends, finally!

While you are suffering through this heartbreak and wondering how you will make it to tomorrow, God is preparing your heart for your future husband. Hold on, 17-year-old self, because next year you will meet your future husband! I know it sounds too good to be true! When you two meet, it will be the perfect timing. He will turn your world upside down! You will have your guard up and have a hard time letting him in due to the way you've been treated in the past, but he is so worthy of your whole heart. He will cherish you, respect you, and mend your precious heart.

In the midst of this heartbreak, your parents will break your heart even more. They will blindside you with the news that they are getting divorced. No warning, no fights, no big fall-outs. They've just grown apart. You will immediately jump into "middle child mode" and try to make sure that everyone is ok. You will comfort your mom, go house hunting with her, and never leave her side for fear that she will feel alone. You will take care of your baby sister and try to provide her with a sense of stability and normalcy. You will neglect yourself in order to take care of everyone around you.

This year will test your faith, your strength, your friendships. But you will come out stronger in the end.

This year God will teach you that you are worthy. You are a Princess of the King and you deserve to be treated like one. He will teach you to trust Him. He already has your whole life planned, so why are you worrying? He will teach you that a relationship with Him is the only relationship that will not let you down. Remember that.

17-year-old self, the best is yet to come.

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  1. So beautifully written and sometimes I really wish we could go back in time and tell ourselves it will all be OKAY!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. This is so sweet! Definitely wisdom to pass down to your daughters some day :)

  3. I love this so much, O. I remember some of this because of our mutual friends during that time. You are amazing! xo

  4. An amazing post, I love the reflection and the life lessons that we can learn from previous events! Xo, Stephanie

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